Botox Injections Prevent Excessive Sweating

InjuryBotox injections have been used to reduce wrinkles, in cosmetic surgery and to treat chronic migraine, and to these great uses, we can now add another one, reducing excessive sweating, known medically as axillary hyperhidrosis. Botox, which is a very toxic protein produced from the bacterium known as clostridium botulinum is usually used for cosmetic surgery but it has been discovered that it works remarkably well in reducing excessive sweating.

What is excessive sweating?

Excessive sweating can be irritating, uncomfortable, adversely affect one’s self worth and annoying, to the over one million Americans who suffer with this problem, but with Botox injections, patients can say goodbye to this problem. This excessive sweating causes stained clothing, interferes with work, play and other normal activates, causes stress, awkwardness and emotional damage to people suffering from this condition, as well as being virtually unresponsive to many drugs and even strong anti-perspirants.

Excessive sweating, also known as hyperhidrosis, affects typically one percent of the population, usually at the hands, feet and armpits. Many patients use anti perspirants gotten from the chemist, as well as pills, but this can have a negative side effect of dry mouth. The cause of this problem is unknown.

Study of Botox injections provides positive results

A clinical study done over three years, on 193 people that was done by medical practitioners found that Botox injections resolved the problem of excessive sweating, in a safe, effective and affordable manner. According to the doctors, Botox injections were very effective at blocking the supply of nerves in the sweat glands, leading to significant reduction of sweating in the armpit area. Since the sweat glands do not receive chemical signals to produce sweat, the sweat production stops in the injected areas while still continuing in other parts of the body.

948669_blue_syringeOver 79% of the patient experienced a great relief to the problem, so much so that Botox injections are now approved by the FDA as a treatment for excessive sweating. The study found out Botox injections eased the social stigma of the patients who suffered in varying degrees with excessive sweating. After being injected with Botox, the number of patients who were dissatisfied with their aptitude at work reduced from 72 % to 20%, while the patients who were damaged emotionally dropped from 83% to 42%.

Details on the Botox injections

Botox injections can also be used to reduce the sweating on the hands and feet. The injections work for a period of up to 2 years, after which the symptoms come back and patients have to schedule with their doctors to get another dosage of injections. Studies that have been done on the effectiveness of Botox injections as a cure for excessive sweating have tended to focus on the armpits, but those done on treatment of the hands and feet are also positive.

The treatment with Botox is very short, typically lasting around fifteen minutes. The doctor will inject a small amount of Botox onto the affected are with a needle, and injections can be around fifteen injections, depending on the severity of the problem. After the treatment, within a month there should be a significant reduction of the sweating, hopefully leading to a complete lifestyle change, including using regular deodorant and changing clothes less. Should there be a less than significant drop in the sweating, it is advisable to visit your dermatologist again for further consultation.

lipsIt is important for patients who are willing to try out the Botox injections to stop the production of excessive sweat to be aware of its side effects such as pain at the injection site, dry mouth, tiredness and headaches. Before getting the Botox injections, it is important to notify the doctor if you have any breathing problems, side effects or allergies to Botox and its products, bleeding problems or pregnancy.


In a nutshell, Botox injections has shown remarkable and positive results in curing excessive sweating, and it could well be the cure that many patients who have suffered for a long time with little recourse. However, since it is a chemical that can cause a great deal of side effects, some of them being harmful, it is important that for any patient who is considering it as a remedy, to consult their doctor frankly and in depth about their medical history and any allergies that they may have.