Coughs Explained By Benylin

Coughing is the body’s natural way to react to an irritation in the respiratory tract. The cough is a protective reflex that is needed to keep the wind pipe (trachea) clean. It is the body’s natural way of reacting to respiratory irritation. Therefore, you should not unduly suppress a cough.

Hot or warm drinks can alleviate a cough. However, if coughing does not stop within two or three weeks, or if it is combined with other symptoms, you should immediately contact a doctor or take advice from your hospital emergency department.

Coughing is a symptom and not a disease in itself. There are several reasons for coughing.

Colds are the most common, but other diseases such as lung diseases, tuberculosis, allergies or cardiac arrest can also cause coughing. Another reason for coughing can be irritation in the trachea caused by external agents such as cigarette smoke or other air pollutants. Coughing is a reflex triggered by choking of the wind pipe.

444500_self-portraitCoughs explained by Benylin, Self-care:

• For coughs with thick mucus you must drink plenty of warm or lukewarm drinks. These drinks relieve irritation of the throat and trachea and make the mucus less thick and easier to cough out.

• Avoid smoking and smoky environments.

• When you sleep your coughing problems may be alleviated by lying in a position that keeps the head and torso elevated.

When to visit a doctor:

Here are few symptoms that indicate a necessity of an urgent visit to a doctor.

• Contact your doctor if the cough is accompanied by difficulty in breathing or if general health and immunity is affected.

• Cough is combined with chest pain.

• Mucus is expectorated along with blood.

• You have been coughing up yellow-green phlegm for more than a week.

• Your cough has been accompanied by fever for over four days.

• Your cough has not stopped on its own within two to three weeks.

• A child younger than two years of age is suffering from irritating cough.

• A child vomits mucus during coughing.

babiesPharmaceutical Treatment:

Dry and irritating coughs can be treated with antitussive that is a drug in syrup form. Do not give this medicine to children less than two years of age without the advice of a doctor. Antitussives collect most of the mucus in the trachea and expectorate it.

The Benylin brand of cough medicines has been medically proven to help treat the most common symptoms of a cough.

For cold coughs it has been observed that people often do not take any kind of cough syrup and wait for it to subside gradually.

Be careful not to give cough suppressant medication to elderly bedridden people. Often it is more important to facilitate expectoration than to suppress it.