Medical Precautions While You Travel To US

stethoscopeInternational travel is often accompanied by excitement. Especially, when travelling to a beautiful and diversified country like the United States of America on ESTA US Visas. You want the trip to be enriching, fun and safe, of course. Below are the necessary medical precautions that should be taken. If considered properly, you can help ensure your travel to the US remains a highly pleasant experience.

As the common saying goes, prevention is always better than cure. It is always advisable to plan your travel well in advance, so as to give you at least 6 weeks of time to consult your doctor about it and to complete immunization.
If you are under regular medication, be sure to carry enough of those medicines to last throughout the travel. Keep the original bottles and always keep them in the carry-on

luggage, to be easily accessible at all times.

Also, ask your doctor or physician, to mention generic names of your medicines and their key ingredients, as most pharmacy brands in the US may not be the same as the one that you use.

Avoid mixing pills physically and keep them in separate labelled containers, as the unlabelled ones can be suspected as narcotics by border officials.

In cases of chronic diseases or allergies, the itinerary should be adjusted in a suitable manner. For example, in case of heart patients, the overall distance should be cut down to small trips of shorter distances, with breaks in between.

airport-2Make sure to have had a routine checkup, as a positive health report will only be conducive to your Visa application, especially if we’re looking at ESTA US Visas.

Get updated on Routine Vaccinations like DPT (diphtheria/ pertussis /tetanus), Polio, Influenza, Chicken Pox, etc.

Hepatitis B vaccination is a must, as there might be possibilities of making physical contact, sexual intercourse, contact with blood and bodily fluids, with the locals.

If you are the, who might indulge in activities that get you closer to contact with bats, mammals and carnivores, a Rabies vaccination is highly recommended. If bitten, seek medical advice immediately.

Carry a small medical kit box containing a basic painkiller; bandages, first-aid cream, diarrhea and upset stomach remedies, cold tablets and nasal spray and clove oil (as a dental anesthetic); sunscreen with an SPF of at least 15, lip balm, tweezers and insect repellent.

Get a tuberculosis skin test done.


Also, make sure to get a Yellow fever vaccination, as it may not be available everywhere.
On arrival in the USA, get to know the emergency numbers and the address of the nearest Medical Centre or a hospital.

Medical care and treatment can get expensive in the US. It is advisable to get a Medical insurance plan, which is specific to your travel to the US.

Have a review about the specific location about the place you’re going to visit in the US. Owing to its vast expanse of land area, the food, water, insect and other safety precautions may vary.

These are a necessary medical precaution you must endeavor before travelling to the US. If you have any ailment like heart attack, diabetes, etc. give proper attention to its symptoms and seek immediate medical attention if there are any signs of it.