Nasal strips available for workers to help them stop snoring

sleep-3Snoring is a sound generated when the respiratory passages vibrate, due to a blockage in the nasal airway region and can be a potential a symptom of ill-health and may even itself can cause illness. Anyone can be affected by snoring, which impacts the quality of sleep and a person’s focus and behaviour.  This can impact on how you work in your day to day life. A snorer can negatively impact others too, by also disrupting their natural sleeping patterns and impacting on their own work life. Seeking treatment for snoring from The Private Clinic is therefore important for the snorer’s health and the health of their partners and loved ones.

Breathe better with nasal strips

Nasal strips are a stop snoring option aimed to release the restriction blocking the nasal airway. Different types of nasal strips to stop snoring are available and may include products such as Breathe Right nasal dilators, AirPlus nasal strips and Snoreeze. Nasal strips are on offer in different sizes and one size can also fit all.

These nasal strips contain flexible plastic and sticking plaster. Once attached to the outside of the nose by sticking plaster, the flexible piece of plastic automatically straightens, placing pressure on the nostrils, widening the nasal passage for healthier breathing that reduces or eliminates snoring.


Nasal strips cannot cure chronic snoring

Nasal strips cannot cure chronic snoring, because it usually has an underlying condition or cause that needs treatment. A medical practitioner can advise you on the cause of your snoring. Nasal strips may not be appropriate for chronic snorers or people suffering with sleep apnea. Nasal strips are particularly useful for people who experience nasal congestion due to allergies and can be combined with a treatment for allergies. The aim of nasal strips isn’t to cure snoring but to help people breathe better when they sleep at night.

Benefits of stop snoring nasal strips

You do not need a prescription to get nasal strips to gently help you breathe better, because nasal strips do not usually contain medication. Nasal strips can be used with other stop snoring treatments and treatments designed to address the cause of snoring. Not only are nasal strips safe but they are an economical way to improve your night’s sleep and health.

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