Arthritis; A Look At Some Self-Help Options

Anyone suffering from a painful condition such as arthritis will welcome any advice they can get to help relieve the discomfort they are experiencing. As most people will have tried the old traditional methods of painkillers and anti-inflammatory medication and still be suffering from pain, then any new ideas are usually tried out with enthusiasm. So, just what are these other methods that can bring relief from pain?

It may come as a surprise for some, but exercise can be beneficial to the arthritis sufferer. That’s not strenuous muscle building exercises but gentle “little but often” exercise that will help to keep the joints mobile. Whilst it’s very tempting to spend the day sat in a chair in front of the TV, it’s certainly not doing you any favours and you really do need to put your joints through a full range of motion each day to prevent them stiffening up. It will help to build up the muscles around the joint which in turn will help to protect the joint and lessen the pain. Of course there will be days when inflammation will flare up, but the use of an ice pack on the affected joint will help until you are able to exercise it again.

Another method, which also happens to be very enjoyable, would be to use a hot tub on a regular basis to help combat the pain and stiffness of the joints. Over the years hot tubs have become a widely recognised form of treatment for the arthritis sufferer, providing relief to many.

The warm water is very soothing on painful joints and the massage jets can provide just enough gentle pressure to bring about relief from the pain. It’s also the right environment in which to undertake some gentle stretching exercises to help keep the joints mobile. Of course different methods work for different people, so just give them a go and see which will work best for you.

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