Does Religion Play a Factor

ArthritisIn the process of growing old, what you believe in has a bearing on how long you will live as well. Yes, your religious values may play a part in the ageing process.

Religion is the most powerful force in the world and music is the second. Often it has gone hand-in-hand. It has been observed by some researchers that religiosity has often played a hand in the longevity of older persons.

This is especially true if they are part of a religion that involves helping others on a spiritual level. When a person is busy helping others, then they have no time to think of themselves and their problems. And there is no greater joy and satisfaction than to help people change their lives for the better.

Religion involves a lot of movement, energy and activity, so there’s no time to lay back and recline because you’re always on the move, always on the go. Religious commitment indeed plays a big part in the process of longevity.

And believe it or not, even religious people are concerned about their physical appearance, and even they are interested in cosmetic surgery. As has been mentioned previously, this is a popular medical procedure that can be costly and intensive for some. But nevertheless, some people are willing to go that far to pursue their dreams and aspirations-even if they are religious.

Some religions may feel that this practise is wrong or unethical, but not everyone agrees-even if they are of the same religious faith. Some feel there is no specific religious prohibition on surgically enhancing one’s physical appearance, others feel there are. In any event, the individual will have to decide.

Besides, it’s their money and time they are spending-or wasting. Even so, it’s still theirs nonetheless. If your looking for the church try or if your looking for cosmetic surgery try