How much exercise should I be doing per week?

Ideally, you should try to participate in physical activity for 30 minutes 5 times a week; this does not necessarily mean going to the gym, you can include any activity which raises your heart rate and makes your muscles work. You do not have to complete your 30 minutes in one go and you can include lifestyle activities, such as walking to the shops or taking the dog for a walk, but you should try to do some more intensive exercise during the week.

Why is exercise important for healthy living?

Exercise is important for a healthy body and a healthy mind. Exercise has a range of health benefits and can also provide a welcome outlet for stress and anxiety. Exercise helps to keep body weight stable, improves circulation and muscle tone and also makes you feel better, as it releases endorphins. Exercise is beneficial for people of all age groups and can be highly beneficial for people with certain health conditions, including osteoporosis, diabetes and osteoarthritis. Exercise can also help to reduce the risk of several serious illnesses, including heart disease, strokes and diabetes.