How to Help Your Clients Care for Their Nails during the Winter Months

nail-art-3With the winter months quickly approaching, now is an excellent time for you to offer advice to your clients about how to care for their hands and fingernails properly. As their trusted nail technician, they will come to rely on your for guidance and tips to help keep their hands looking professionally manicured year round. Your basic coursework taught you about the importance of nail health and now you can pass that information along to your clients to help build trust and confidence in your recommendations. Let’s look at some information that you can share with your clients to help them keep their nails beautiful even in the harsh, winter months.

  • Tell your clients to keep themselves hydrated especially during wintertime. They will protect their skin and keep their bodies working properly so that diseases will be prevented and all internal organs will be amply hydrated. Plenty of water keeps nails moist and can prevent brittleness, breaking, and splitting.
  • Advise clients to keep the air humidified around them at work and at home. They can prevent the damage caused by dry air if they simply keep a container of water near the heating system so that it can permeate the air around them.
  • Your clients should protect their hands and nails with gloves. When they go outside into the frigid air, they should wear soft gloves that keep their hands protected. Also, if they wash dishes, a nice pair of rubber gloves will protect their nails and the manicure that you’ve done for them.
  • Offer them a nice selection of hand cream that can keep their hands and nails moisturised. When you attend nail technician meetings or take additional coursework, you can learn from colleagues about some of the best products on the market for your clients. They’ll want to use a hand cream that is effective in preventing chapping and that prevents dry skin around the nail areas. If you advise them to apply hand cream just before bed, they will get the maximum benefits of its ingredients.
  • ArthritisBe sure to inform your clients about the disadvantages of hand sanitizer. Some hand sanitizers have ingredients that will dry out hands and nails and will do damage to the manicure that you have done for your clients. Even though it’s a quick and handy way to keep hands clean, it dries out the skin and can cause peeling and splitting of nails.

One of the benefits of taking your nail technician coursework at is that you’ll have continued support long after the courses have ended. You’ll want to take additional courses so that you can maintain updated knowledge and interact with colleagues who always share things that they have learned. By building on the information that you learned as you began your career, you’ll build relationships with your clients and grow your clientele which means more income for you.
Learn all that you can about nail and hand care so that your clients will always feel like they’re in good hands with a nail tech like you.
Image courtesy of: coward lion