Signs Of Chronic Pain

doc-25Pain is something which we all have felt at some point in our lives. Through pain your brain lets you know about something wrong with your body. But what if there is visibly nothing wrong with you and pain still persists? Any pain persisting longer than 3 weeks without any known reason can be chronic pain. This pain may vary in terms of its frequency or most of the time occurs in those body parts which have been injured in some way or other, before. Even after the initial injury was healed the pain can still flare up from time to time. Chronic pain does not have a definite timeline to end. It may very well be with you for months or even years. Older people are far more susceptible to chronic pain but it is not uncommon for relatively young person to suffer from it too. Due to arthritis, diabetes and other such diseases, it is possible for a person to suffer from some sort of chronic pain. Cancer can also result in occurring of unrelenting pain. Pain clinics may be able to help you with this type of pain.

What actually causes the chronic pain?

It is true that it may stem from a previous injury but one would expect it to go away after the injury has healed. The real reason for occurrence of this unrelenting pain might be nerve damage. Even after the injury healed over the nerve damage may still be there and hence the cause of chronic pain. Sometimes even surgeries may result in nerve damage and thus cause a person to suffer from this constant pain. It is possible that your body is not able to produce certain chemicals after an injury to the area. This may cause you to feel pain from time to time as well. It would be a good idea to visit a pain clinic to find out what causes your chronic pain.

673854_doctor_patient_relationshipSymptoms of chronic pain

It may be characterized by a lingering unrelenting pain which keeps occurring from time to time. This pain may vary in its strength from mild to unbearable. Sometimes the pain could be so severe that it may disable you for a while. Your experience of pain may vary too. You may feel a burning sensation, jolting pain, muscular ache or even sharp stabbing pain. You may feel stiff or sore. The area affected may feel tight or tender to touch. Chronic pain may result in restricted movement. Sudden movements may cause the pain to flare strongly. Sometimes it may even interfere with your physical and mental health. You may be irritable and suffer from frequent mood changes. This pain may cause you to lose sleep as well. Some chronic pains occur far more frequently in night than in day. Chronic pains are affected by weather changes too.

Chronic pain is vicious and can be demoralizing for a person. It can change your way of living. Chronic pain may demoralize a person to such an extent that they may fear certain jobs. It may convert your favorite pastime into a fearsome task. The symptoms may range from lingering mild pain to unbearable pain. This pain is not something to be taken mildly. Visit your nearest pain clinic to find out more about your specific pain issues.