Therapy templates allows therapists

ArthritisThe responsibility of therapists, clinicians and doctors is to take care of ailing patients and provide them good health in quick time rather than thinking about making bills, documents and preparing SOAP notes which is why it is essential for hospitals to employ automation software to let doctors do the work they are supposed to do. These above mentioned activities eat up much valuable time of a clinician which he could have given to his patients who need it the most. However, keeping that in mind, there is a number of automated software that is available in the market whose primary work is to relieve the doctors and therapists of all these redundant work and help them to concentrate on their job more. The software comes up with a lot of features that aid doctors in their professional work; the most important of the features being therapy templates.

Doctors can also use this automation software to devise excellent treatment plan to effectively treat their patients using the already built-in therapy templates. You can devise your line of treatment for individual patients using these easy to use templates and goal library and can also alter them anytime as per the needs of individual patients. You can add as many goals from the goal library as you want for your treatment plan and then watch your goals propagating to new progress levels without having to bother about re-keying them. Doctors can also view the documentation and plans of other doctors if it is being permitted to be viewed by others.

docAnother important feature of therapy templates is that it automatically collects goal from the patient’s treatment plan and add them in SOAP note. Each goal present in the SOAP note possesses a field that marks the percentage that is achieved on that particular goal and also provides assistance of any help is needed to further accomplish the goal. Also, each component of SOAP note also offers areas to make way for narrative text.

Some of the other features of automation software besides providing therapy templates are scheduler, documentation, billing, collections, payroll, goal library, treatment log and patient profiles.  These features when combined together work brilliantly to help the software cater the different verticals that are present in a hospital. For instance, the scheduler schedules the appointments of the therapists on an individual or on a joint basis. A therapist can also keep his mobile device in sync with the scheduler by keeping up to dated with Google Calendar Sync. Similarly, other features are used as their name suggests for example billing is used to create bills from a patient’s profile while in treatment log, the details of all the treatments that is performed on a particular patient by therapists gets stored in the back end thus helping in calculating bills.