Childhood Asthma

autism1Childhood asthma is a common problem in the UK, affecting over 1.1 million children with varying degrees of severity. Although the cause of asthma is not fully understood by medical professionals, there are a number of things that you can do for your child in order to ensure that their asthma is controlled and doesn’t worsen by making a few simple changes around the home.

You should bear in mind that air pollutants can worsen the asthmatic’s condition. Exposure to cigarette smoke in particular can trigger an attack in many sufferers, and so you should take care to ensure that your child is never exposed to it.

Another common trigger is dust and house mites which tend to settle in carpets and other soft furnishings. Rather than replace your carpets with wooden flooring, you should make sure that you clean them thoroughly and undertake a deep clean every few months. To ensure that this is done properly, you may opt to hire a professional cleaner. Will Hadwen, who runs a commercial cleaners in Nottingham advises;

autism2“Dust mites can be a potentially dangerous trigger for children with asthma but many people don’t clean their carpets sufficiently, thereby increasing the risk of exposure. People often forget just how dirty a carpet can get, particularly if they have pets. Hiring a professional carpet cleaner every now and again will help to prevent these potential problems and leave you and your children with a healthier living environment.”

Good ventilation in your home is also essential for making sure that your child has a comfortable home environment. Too much humidity can help to improve conditions for mould and dust mites which could be potentially dangerous to your child and you should also try to minimise the use of cleaning products and air fresheners that come in spray form.