Does having good hair make you look younger

beauty (2)Having good hair care will help your hair stick around for a long time. What happens when someone sees long strands of healthy, cared-for hair? Of course, it’s very attractive. Equally as eye-catching (but not so nice to look at) is limp, mousy, flat, unwashed, uncombed, unkempt hair. You don’t want to be that person, trust me. So use these simple hair-care tips. First of all, you don’t want to have to have cosmetic surgery on your hair follicles. Plastic surgery should only be reserved for the worst cases, such as when someone has alopecia. Barring alopecia, however, you should be able to maintain healthy-looking hair that stays that way for years to come.

Beautiful Girl - Close UpSecondly, you should remember to wash your hair almost everyday, depending on whether you have an oily or dry scalp. If your hair tends to get oily fast, wash it every day if possible. If you have a dry scalp, you could probably get away with washing your hair every other day or every third day. Make sure your hair is not flat. Too many conditioning products could make your hair look limp and weak, so if you condition your hair, don’t do it every day. If you must get your hair dyed or colored, go to a professional stylist who will do it for you!

You can try to color or dye your hair yourself, but the results will probably not be as good as if you had had a professional stylist do it for you. Unfortunately, having your hair dyed or colored will strip your hair of its natural oils. This may do more harm to your hair than help it. So, keeping this in mind, think carefully before deciding to dye your hair. It’s a decision that will stay with you awhile.

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