Top 4 New Beauty Innovations

In the world of beauty, we are constantly bombarded with advertising for new products, promising to perform miracles on your body, from countless creams claiming to make you ‘ten years younger’ in an instant, to new found ways of sudden dramatic weight loss. In a saturated market, how do you tell what products really are the best new innovations, and really do wonders for your skin and body? Here is a guide to the best new beauty products on the market, and how they will make you feel great about yourself.

3D Makeup

One of the most talked about new cosmetic releases at the moment is 3D makeup. It is suddenly everywhere; in catwalk shows, glossy magazines, and is now making its way into department stores and salons. 3D makeup uses ‘chroma 3D technology’ which creates a high shine and almost metallic product. Throughout the year, many new products have been released, and it is now possible to buy lipstick and lip gloss, foundation, eyeliner and nail polish all promising that 3D effect. 3D foundation is a product which is being continually developed, and has recently exploded onto the market, with great products available from brands such as Kiko, whose 3D lifting foundation woks wonders on evening skin tone and gives a radiant finish.

Eyelash Solution

A great new product on the market is eye solutions such as ‘Elastilash’, which provides the full and thick effect you get from fake eyelashes or extensions, and the colour you get from tinting, but without the downsides of discoloured eyelids or having to remove them in the evening. The product, which is available from Skinstation, is applied to the lashes like mascara, every night before bed, and within weeks the eyelashes become fuller and thicker.

Hair Oil

Hair oil has been very popular over the last few months, with all the major luxury hair care brands bringing out their own version, but inevitably some work better than others. A great product, which has won several awards is the Rare Blend Oil sold by Ojon. The product contains a fusion of three different oils from the Central American rainforests, and is perfect to add shine to dull or damaged hair.

Micellar water

Miceller cleansing water is a new type of cleanser, combining oil and water, to hydrate your skin without causing irritation or shine. It is a great versatile product which can be used as a cleanser but also very effectively removes makeup, and is gentle enough for the eye area. Sites such as Etat Pur sell miceller water containing liquid crystal, which gives you a radiant complexion whilst also removing excess oil and spot-causing bacteria.

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