Dealing with Back Pain


Back pain is an extremely common problem with many different types of people. Pain increases as the body ages and many doctors have developed theories on how to effectively deal with back pain without surgery. Once back pain has begun to materialize there are a variety of steps to take in order to minimize future problems and immediate pain. Back pain is possibly a symptom of various diseases and conditions. The main cause can be due to a problem of the back itself, or elsewhere in the body. In many cases, doctors can not find the cause of pain. When this happens, the most common explanations include:

Stress or injury to the back muscles, including muscle sprain or strain, chronic overload those muscles caused by obesity, and overload caused by any unusual stress such as lifting a heavy object or being pregnant. Back pain varies greatly back. Some symptoms may suggest that the cause of the pain is more severe. Some of these symptoms include fever, recent trauma, weight loss, history of cancer and neurological symptoms such as numbness, weakness or incontinence (involuntary loss of urine). Back pain is usually accompanied by other symptoms that can help determine the cause.


People who remain on their feet all day are at a higher risk of back pain due to the amount of stress that is put on their spine throughout the day. Reducing the amount of pressure on the lower spine is critical to minimizing the risk of back pain or to lower already occurring regular problems. Using specially designed orthotic insoles can drastically improve back pain as arch support is improved and spinal pressure is relieved. As everyone has a different body shape and type, insoles need to be specialized in order to benefit the wearer. Arch support and back support will vary depending on the style of the insole, so taking some measurements and figuring out the correct insole is well worth the time and effort.

building muscle 2Other ideas for lower back pain relief include certain back exercises that increase back strength and dexterity to reduce pressure as the muscles and spine become conditioned to deal with the stress of standing throughout the day. Yoga and light strength training are excellent options to improve strength and maintain flexibility.  Other procedures involve devices that rely on gravity and suspension (such as hanging from a doorway) to reduce pressure on the spine can also reduce pain and improve posture. Most exercises can be done at home with minimal investment so there is minimal expense and time investment.

Back problems plague millions of people every year and can be treated with simple exercises and insoles. Back pain needs to be treated right away to prevent future problems, and taking a few simple steps can reduce expenses later in life.