How do I get started with building muscle?


building muscle 1There are many reasons why people choose to build muscle.  For some people, they want to build lean muscle to add to an already lean frame.  For others, they want to bulk up and add muscle because they are not happy with the way their body looks aesthetically.  There are a different group of people who bulk up just to push their limits, even entering bodybuilding competitions.  Whatever your reason, building muscle is healthy for your body because you are being conscious of your health.  Whether you are looking to bulk up quickly or gain muscle over a period of time, there are some basics that you can do to get yourself started.

What are some basic things I can do to start building muscle?

  • Increase your protein intake

One of the main ways to start building muscle is to increase the amount of protein that you are intaking.  While a good way to start this is by incorporating more protein into your diet, this will not give you the amount that you truly need if you are trying to build muscle.  Adding protein shakes or protein bars into your daily routine will help you build muscle more effectively.

Foods and Drinks

  • Change your diet

While some people think that you have to cut out all fats if you are trying to get healthier, that is not the case.  If you are trying to build muscle, you actually need to increase your caloric intake so that you don’t burn off everything that you are eating.  Working out and building muscle burns a lot of calories, so you need to make sure that you are eating enough to replace what you’ve burned.  You also do need to incorporate fatty foods into your diet, as long as they have the good fats in them.

  • Keep yourself hydrated

Your body simply cannot function if it is dehydrated.  Whether you are trying to build muscle or not, water is one of the most important elements of keeping ourselves healthy.  It will be nearly impossible for you to bulk up your frame if you are not drinking enough water and staying hydrated.

building muscle 2

  • Work out your entire body

Many of us think that focusing on a well-rounded workout regimen is the way to go, but that is not necessarily the case when it comes to building muscle.  While those who are working on weight loss may focus more on cardio activities like walking, running, and swimming, people who are wanting to build muscle and NOT lose weight should try to avoid cardio if at all possible.  It is fine to do some as a warmup, but doing too much cardio can actually make you lose weight, which you are not trying to do.

  • Try supplements

There are so many great vitamins, supplements, and even steroids on the market that can help you achieve your results and even help speed up the process.  Be sure to read all the labels before purchasing and make sure they are not only safe, but safe to take with each other.  You don’t want to end up with pills that are counteracting one another.


Where can I find good advice and tips on bodybuilding?

  • Online

The Internet is one of the best places to find tips for building muscle, working out, and bodybuilding.  There are people who spend their time creating a bodybuilding and steroids blog to give people the best tips on what exercises to do, what routines work best, and how to truly incorporate steroids and supplements into your routine.

  • Books

building muscle There are some great books that have been published about bodybuilding and tips to building muscle quickly and maintaining it.  By looking online at Amazon or other stores that sell books, going into a bookstore, or checking out your local library, you will be amazed at how many resources you can find!  The only thing to watch out for is to make sure that the information you are reading is as up-to-date as possible.

  • Word of Mouth

One of the best ways to learn about bodybuilding is from people who do it.  If you have friends or coworkers who are into bodybuilding and muscle gain, talk to them about what works best for them.

Many people choose to start bodybuilding for various reasons, but if you want to make sure that you’re doing everything most effectively so that you can build the most muscle as quickly as possible, it always is helpful to check out a bodybuilding and steroids blog to see what they recommend for quick results.  Whatever method you choose, keep in mind that your body is different than everyone else, so keep a close eye on how your body is responding to all of this new activity that you are doing to build muscle, that way you know when you need to take it easy and when you can push harder.