Outline and Benefits of using Creatine

metaforminCreatine supplements are very popular and commonly used by athletes and body builders. Creatine is a protein building block or amino acid that is created by the body in the liver, pancreas and kidneys and is found in foods such as fish or meat. It is stored in the muscles after being converted to phosphocreatine thereafter utilised by the body for energy. It is presumed to enhance a person’s athletic ability and increase their muscle mass especially during a high energy and short time line sport such as weight lifting.

Creatine has a few potential uses in the body which include providing some additional energy for the muscles, muscle volume, build up of buffer lactic acid and protein synthesis in the body is enhanced. Other major uses that creatine is commonly known for is improvement of athletic performance, assistance in prevention of heart disease or heart failure, improve muscle strength and reduce muscle dystrophy. Studies have shown that it increases muscle fitness in people suffering from Parkinson’s disease. Although different studies vary in results most have similar conclusion in that creatine is beneficial to the body in terms of building muscle strength. Half of the creatine found in the body is from amino acids created in the liver, kidneys and pancreas while the other half comes from the foods we eat meat and fish especially herring, salmon and tuna.

tonicCreatine can also be taken in other forms such as creatine supplements which are widely sold as tablets, capsules, energy bars, powders and drink mixes. Due to potential side effects such as muscle cramps, stomach upsets and dizziness supplements should be taken under supervised observation by an informed healthcare provider and high doses have been said to disrupt the body’s function from generating its own creatine. However studies have indicated no major side effects for up to six months dosage. Teens or children are not recommended to take the supplements.

The correct use of a creatine supplements can help body builders add extra pounds of pure muscle in a very short time. Studies have proven the safety and effectiveness of creatine, especially when used by body builders and athletes for boosting their muscle mass and strength. These supplements increase the muscle cells’ size.

When used, creatine supplements can increase the power and performance to those who engage in higher strength anaerobic exercises by up to 15%. It is very effective mostly when used to boost some activities that involve exhaustive repeated periods of work outs such as cycling or running sprints, that are separated by short resting breaks. Resistance exercises may also be enhanced by use of these supplements. The best thing about these creatine supplements is that they have no noticeable side effects on aerobic stamina. Instead, they will continue increasing power during short periods of higher strength aerobic exercises.

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