Protein Powders for Bodybuilding

gym-2Protein powder is considered as a dietary supplement or meal replacement especially for muscle building and weight management. While you are exercising with an aim of losing or gaining weight, it is necessary for you to maintain a proper diet hence you have to have a good meal plan, select the correct foods and eat at the proper time. Well, how feasible can it be for you to prepare the right meal with the correct content of nutrients and be able to eat at the right time, pre or post-work? Unless you are one of the excellent jugglers having a lot of free time, very difficult. Simply use protein powder supplements.


Protein powder requires preparation by being blended or mixed well with either milk or water to prepare a shake. It takes at least 30 minutes for the contents to bind together to prevent the powder from floating or forming little lumps in you shake.

What is good to mix with protein powder?

The best healthy way one can increase the protein content in the body is through consumption of protein powder bodybuilding supplements, however it requires preparation by mixing it with various types of food. This is because of the lifeless and chalky taste hence making it trickier to swallow them alone. What is good to mix with your protein powder?



Either frozen or fresh fruit can be mixed with protein powder as they provide large number of varied flavours, healthy sugars in natural fructose form and provide a great consistency. The popular fruits used include: kiwi fruit, pineapple, bananas, peaches, blueberries and strawberries. Strawberries contain antioxidants; kiwi contains high vitamin contents and bananas contain high potassium levels. Blending protein powder with frozen fruit helps in making the content thick and creamy hence no need to add thickener such as ice.

One can mix coconut with all types of protein powder. All parts of a coconut fruit are essential i.e. coconut milk which contains high levels of unsaturated fats, coconut juice or water, and coconut meat which contains high contents of healthy fibre. Coconut provides many benefits such as: provision of healthy nutrients, thickening of the mixture and addition of delicious flavour.

Protein is very necessary for body building and there are various supplements available in market. These health foods are beneficial in attaining desired goals but they should be selected carefully because there is significant difference between sleeve- splitting physique and normal physique. One needs to keep the following parameters in mind while selecting protein powder:

The composition of the powder and the concentration of each nutrient should be checked. Those supplements that are beneficial for the body should have maximum concentration. They should not contain carbohydrates or should have minimum concentration of it. It is necessary to find the calorie content of the powder as it may help you in choosing your diet food accordingly.

As there are various fake products available in market, one should check the safety of product you choose. They should check proper certification and should consult a medical practitioner or qualified personal trainer before consuming.