Top 10 Fitness Tips For 2014

fitness-6Getting into shape usually stands at the top of everyone’s New Year resolution list. Boring workout routines and ill-fated work out trends end up staying in the closet with last year’s holiday decorations. This year, instead of slipping back into bad habits, and larger waist pants, it’s time to clear out the old and get into the new you.  An awesome all natural grass pasture fed whey protein supplement, a Workout Exercise Diary to provide a road map for your challenge, a good diet foundation and schedule, along with unique and different workout routines give fun new ways of achieving your fitness goals. Take advantage of the following top ten fitness tips to help you stay focused in the New Year.

Timing is Everything

You are WHEN you eat. Experts agree, the first key to maintaining a healthy fitness plan this year starts with the diet. Eating breakfast has always been considered the most important meal of the day and here’s why. Having a balanced breakfast in the morning supplies your body with the nutrients and vitamins it needs to complete all tasks. That means giving energy and stamina to function in the home or office. Eating breakfast also helps support weight control. Whey Natural! USA taken in the morning will actually curb your appetite, plus give you the energy one needs to start the day.

Equally important is to take a non-denatured natural whey protein 30 minutes prior to a workout. By flooding your muscles with amino acids pre-workout, you protect them from breakdown during training. Your body will use the aminos found in high quality whey protein instead of robbing your muscles of them.

Post-work, taking q quality whey protein that has 25 grams of protein, along with a 8 oz glass of orange juice that has 29 grams of sugar, gives you the ideal 1:1 ratio of fast carbs to protein needed to replenish muscle glycogen, antagonize cortisol and get a jump on repairing and regenerating muscle.

Get Moving

Get your body moving! The only way to reach your fitness goals is to stay active. Research has shown that those with a sedentary schedule are at significant risk for weight gain, heart disease and some types of diabetes. Any physical activities, from taking a walk, to yoga are considered good enough to prevent your body from gaining fat. For those who want to tone and build muscle, joining a gym is a good idea! Another idea is to take the 10,000 step challenge using a pedometer. Doing 10,000 steps is equivalent to about 2.5 miles.

fitness-10Grab a Friend

Don’t Do it Alone! Most gym trainers encourage their clients to find a friend who also has the same workout or fitness goals. Having another person hold you accountable to your fitness goals increase your chances of sticking to your plans. Also having a friend at the gym can give you something fun to look forward to other than just a grueling work out.

Track Your Food & Exercise

Write it down! Keeping a workout exercise diary is easy as (why promote another fitness journal when we have one for sale on our web site) By writing it down you have a visual representation of your intangible goals. It helps you figure out where you are, and track your progress or lack thereof as you go along. Keep track of your feelings, things you can improve, and what you ate. It will help keep you focused. This is your roadmap to success!

Stock Up on Vitamins

Take your supplements! When achieving fitness goals, attention to nutrient supply is key. Any deficiency can derail your energy or put a wrench in your health plans. Taking a grass pasture fed non-denatured whey protein like Whey Natural! USA® (web link) ensures your body gets the energy it needs to make the changes you want.

teaDrink Green Tea

Cut the Coffee Drink Green Tea! Green tea is shown to have immune boosting antioxidants that will keep you healthy and boost your metabolism. Boosting metabolism allows you to burn your calories faster and shed the pounds immediately. This is bull! Talk about the Cysteine Glutathione connection. The importance of whey protein increasing Glutathione production. You would have to drink GALLONS AND RUN TO THE BATHROOM EVERY 10 MINUTES to get Green tea to help build the immune system via antioxidant production

Go Nuts for Coconuts

Who would have thought you can ingest coconut oil? You can, and its benefits will have you wanting to every day. Coconut oil is known to give you a boost of energy as well as brain power. The oil is also proven to aid in digestion. For every person on a fitness journey, proper digestion is key. For a quick way to have the coconut oil, mix it with your protein powder in a smoothie.

Stock Up On All-Natural Whey Protein

Eat your protein! Studies show that diets heavy in protein rich foods help give you energy to stay active and focused. Proteins are the building blocks of all life forms. Its primary function revolves around building and repairing muscle. All natural grass pasture fed whey protein powders are essential in order to fuel your muscles, rebuild tissue, secrete hormones, and other immune boosting effects that will keep you on track for your fitness goals. Plus you don’t need to stack your whey protein. The whole myth of taking 1 gram of protein per body weight might isn’t necessary. One scoop before and one scoop after a workout is suffice. Stay away from Whey Protein Isolates. This over-processed denatured  whey protein can actually put a burden on both kidneys and liver. At least 90% of all whey proteins on the market have isolates.

Say Sayonara to Negativity

Stop being guilty! Being guilty will actually hold you back from achieving your goals. If you failed in the past, or if you had a cheat day, forgive yourself, and give yourself a positive mind. That’s the only way to achieve success.

Be Persistent

Never give up. Commitment is the only way to make your dreams come true. Staying focused, and pushing in the face of failure, rebuilds your self-esteem and sets you up for further successes.

2014 is bound to be a year filled with new discoveries experiences and possibilities. Take advantage of all 2014 has to offer you by giving yourself the gift of a great body.

Written by Greg DeLong of Whey Natural! USA™, the first unrefined, bioactive, 100% all-natural grass pasture milk whey protein in America!