Cancer research

doct5Cancer is a very common condition; almost 300,000 new cases of cancer are diagnosed in the UK every year and 1 in 3 people will be affected by cancer. Cancer is a serious disease, which kills thousands of people every year; however, thanks to research and advances in technology and science, more and more people are surviving cancer.

Why is research so important?

Research is vital; it literally makes the difference between life and death. The aims of cancer research projects are varied but all programmes and projects work towards the same goal: to find a cure for cancer. There is currently no cure for cancer and thousands of people die from the disease every year; as a result of this, research is extremely important. Research is used to determine causes and risk factors, trial new treatments and find treatments that are safe and more effective than those currently used to treat cancer patients and identify ways of preventing cancer; research is also important for introducing screening programmes and allowing doctors to test for cancer.

What kinds of cancer research projects are carried out?

There are hundreds of different cancer research projects being carried out across the world at the moment; projects are underway in many different countries. Projects may focus on many different aspects of cancer, including causes and risk factors, symptoms, treatments, side-effects of different treatments, complications, screening and prevention. There are different types of research study; some are focused on theoretical research, while some focus on practice; clinical trials are perhaps the most commonly known form of research project.

doc-24How is research funded?

Research projects are funded by a variety of different means; projects may be funded by academic institutions, organisations, charities and benefactors. You can donate to charities to help fund research projects in a variety of different ways, to making a one-off donation and setting up a direct debit to doing a sponsored run, cycle or climb, for example.

How can I find out about cancer research?

The easiest way to find out about cancer research is to search online; charities such as Cancer Research UK have a wealth of information about cancer research and cancer in general and there are also medical blogs, which provide information about funding, research projects and medical issues related to cancer.

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