Mouth cancer: a disease that can attack anyone

Many cosmetic dentists see a lot of patients wishing to so something about the physical appearance mouth cancer leaves behind in the gums and on the teeth. Mouth cancer affects people over the age of forty and it usually found more in men than in women. Every person contains cells and inside the cells are genes. Damage to the genes found in the cells is the underlying cause of cancer. The damage to mouth cells can be inherited by family members, or due to tobacco and other drugs. In cancer cells, the cells divide and reproduce more quickly than normal cells do. This rapid re-growth can cause the mouth cancer to grow quickly, spreading throughout the mouth, affecting the gums, lips, tongue, the palate, under the tongue, teeth, jaws, and throat. 90% of mouth cancers are squamous cell carcinomas. There are other types of mouth cancer but these are less common types. Salivary gland cancer starts in the salivary glands. Lymphoma cancer forms near the back of the throat near the tonsils and base of the tongue. Melanoma starts in the skin cells near the lips or cheeks. Many people who develop mouth cancer do not develop symptoms. Others who do have symptoms may experience an ulcer that does not heal, bad breath, loose teeth, red or white patches in the mouth, pain or soreness, numbness, and unexplained bleeding. These symptoms do not always mean mouth cancer but if you have them you should consult your GP or dentist. The GP or dentist may do some tests in order to determine if it is mouth cancer or some other underlying cause. He or she may use a laryngoscope to examine the mouth and throat. A biopsy of the affected tissue may need to be tested to confirm or deny the presence of cancer. You may or may not be referred to an ear, nose and throat doctor or ENT doctor to further investigate the cause of your symptoms and begin treatment for the diagnosis. All this is a costly process and if you short fall of money then ask to your friend for help or take short loan like payday loan