A Guide to Healthy Teeth

Brush or else...As we get older we develop a sense of responsibility for ourselves, our families and our children. Getting your kids to brush their teeth before bed is a tricky process as any parent will know, but what about your teeth? It seems that once we reach adulthood, we can forget the rituals our parents set for us: keeping healthy gums and teeth being one such example. If your teeth are starting to lose their shine, have a look at some of these pointers to maintaining a flashy grin.

Brushing 101

Now I’m not going to going into intricate detail on which way to hold the brush or anything, but these basic brushing tips should help to remind you the areas most commonly missed.

1. Ups and downs. Brushing along your teeth will only clean the teeth, brushing up and down clears plaque and hidden bits of food out of the gums. If your gums start to bleed, or get inflamed, it’s probably a sign that you’ve been missing them in your routine.

2. No tongue on the first date. Your tongue collects more bacteria than you realize, as do the sides of your mouth. Purchasing a toothbrush with an added scrubber can help clear the excess build up, not to mention help free up some of your taste buds.

3. Wisdom. The NHS has posted this short guide to brushing, I suggest you take a quick look at it.


I confess to drinking approximately 5-8 cups of tea/coffee a day, and in the busy working world a lot of us are avid caffeine drinkers. I won’t suggest that you cut it out entirely , but reducing the amount of sugar you put in your hot drinks, as well as the amount you consume, can drastically reduce discolouration.


Lots of people buy ‘tooth-whitening’ toothpaste without a care for how it affects sensitive teeth. I switched mine after consulting with a health expert in town who suggested I used different toothpaste. You don’t have to book yourself in to the finest dentists money can buy in order to get shiny white teeth, but there are dentists in Manchester, such as Manor Dentists, who are around for just that, should you need them. Consult your dentist or a tooth specialist if your toothpaste is giving you trouble.


Smoking is already a terrible habit, one I will also admit to, and with each cigarette your teeth will begin to degrade. This one is fairly straight-forward; for a healthier mouth, body and mind: stop smoking.

I hope this little guide has been a shining example to you, and remember to look after your smile!