At What Age Should Kids Learn to Swim?

If you have young children and you’ve been thinking about teaching them how to swim, that’s a really good idea. Swimming is a great form of exercise, it helps individuals to develop strength and coordination, and it’s loads of fun too.

Depending on how old your kids may be, you might be wondering what age is appropriate. If that’s the case, this article will prove to be beneficial. That’s because it’s going to share with you some information on the age that’s idea. Plus, it also includes some things that you can do to introduce your children to swimming (should you decide not to officially enroll them in a swimming class).

The Age That Is Ideal to Teach Your Children to Swim

Although there are a lot of parents who try and get their children in the water even after only being several months old, when it comes to actually teaching your kids how to swim, it’s best to wait until they are around three-years-old. The main reason why that is an ideal time is because before they’re three, it’s going to be difficult to hold their attention long enough to follow instructions. Plus, it’s around the age of three that they are able to move about easily and independently; this will make maneuvering in the water easier for them to do. Another bonus in waiting until three years of age is that they will be ready to take classes with groups of other children and there are studies which indicate that when kids are learning in a peer environment, they tend to pick up things much quicker.

Things to Know About Teaching Your Children to Swim

So, what if rather than taking your children to a local YMCA or place that offers swimming classes, you would prefer to teach them how to swim yourself? If that’s the case, it’s best that you have a CPR certification (you can read how to become certified at and that you start with the basics in swimming.

First, either take your children by the hand and walk them down the steps into your swimming pool or hold them as you get into the water. For the first couple of days, they simply need to get used to being inside of the swimming pool. Next, introduce them to blowing bubbles. For many kids, putting their face into the water for the first time is the scariest part – be willing to be patient with this process.

The next step to introduce is kicking in the water. You should support them by putting your arms under their stomachs as they kick back and forth. When you feel that they’re ready to spend more time under the water, start by putting some of their toys along the pool’s steps or on the shallow end of the pool. Then ask them to pick the toys up. As they become more and more comfortable with doing that, you can put them on your shoulders as you go deeper into the water and as you show them how to hold onto the wall as they do more kicking. By the time they have mastered these steps, they’ll be ready for more advanced instructions.