Calpol Treatment Options

midwife-1Every time you are in pain or down with a fever, the doctor recommends paracetamol to manage your condition. Babies just like adults require this form of treatment for various infant related ailments; Calpol contains paracetamol and available in syrup, tablets as well as sachets. Children are most vulnerable to infant ailments especially before turning five; this growth period exposes them to all sorts of infections. Calpol is used widely to manage fever and pain in children as young as a month old. The drug comes in a variety of Calprofen as it contains ibuprofen, with dosage prescriptions from 0 months to 6 years and more. The Calpol websites give detailed information to parents and baby care givers on all treatment calpol options available.

Calpol Child Illness Advice

Children tend to suffer numerous ailments from infancy to school going ages, some of these conditions are unavoidable and therefore only treated when they strike as it is hard to immunise against. Given not all childhood ailments are can be prevented by immunization and vaccinations, Calpol comes in handy to help treat them. Treatment Calpol options in children range from fever to teething as well as other common ailments such as; cough post-immunization fever, measles, cold, mumps and earache. When treating your child of the above mentioned conditions, you should be very careful with diagnosis to ensure proper dosage is administered.

As for Calpol tablets, The Calpol team strongly highlights that it should not be given to children under the age of 6 years. In addition, you should not give the baby more than 4 doses of Calpol in 24 hours as well as 3 consecutive days without consulting your doctor. Calpol has a sweet taste thus often leads to poisoning when proper dosage is not observed; experts therefore recommend that the dosage sheet that comes with the drug should be followed to the later to avoid misuse of the drug. In order to keep your child healthy, visit the Calpol website where their informative team will give you tips on handling minor infant ailments and avoid serious health conditions that often result from misdiagnosis of symptoms in children.