Healthy life style tip – A guide for your kid

childChildren who want to have a healthy lifestyle can benefit from regular physical activity and healthy eating. It is an important stage to develop healthy patterns for the rest of their life and minimise the occurrence of obese. Offering them a healthy diet is very important as they change from infancy stage to child. Now, it is the stage of learning, growing and organising daily routines. Kid’s interests, appetite and eating habits may change daily, so it is one of the
common problems in parenting. These days’, most youngsters are overweight or they have high cholesterol levels due to their sedentary and inactive lifestyles.

Never skip breakfast. After a good night sleep, children body requires more strength, you can compensate with a nice breakfast. Breakfast is very important to start your kid’s day with full of energy. Breakfast should contain all the nutrients such as yoghurt, cereals, fruits, bread, skimmed milk and low fat cheese.
A balanced diet and a healthy meal are must for your youngster to maintain active lifestyle. Children’s digestive system is acclimatised to fixed timings, so feeding at the right time is especially important to have a healthy lifestyle. Make sure that you offer them at least three meals and two snacks in a day.

babiesYou should combine wide range of nutrients from all the food groups. It is better to give six servings of grains a day like bread, cracker, pasta and cereals. Veggies and fruits are also important, for instance raw and cooked fruits and vegetables serve enough nutrients. To make them healthy, serve at least two servings of meats and proteins a day. There are various kinds of protein rich foods like lean meat, dry beans, eggs and peanut. 3-4 servings of fat each day is must for kid’s brain development and proper growth.

Serving size is also an essential factor to remember while serving your kid. Dish up them in small quantities. Forget “clean the plate method” which makes them obese in the long run. You should feed them with low fat or fat free food items such as meat, chicken, veggie dogs and turkey. Veggies like carrot sticks, raw broccoli, cherry tomatoes and cauliflower florets and fruits such as strawberry, grapes, apple, raisins and orange are advised. Fluid intake is also very important factor for a healthy lifestyle. At least eight cups of water is essential.

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