What Would Happen To Your Health Without Home Plumbing?

Beautiful Girl - Close UpSome of the health complications that we suffer from are caused by lack of proper home plumbing. Running toilets and leaking pipes are apparently some of the most common home plumbing issues. They are usually occasioned by tear and wear of the pipes used for purposes of plumbing. Replacing damaged pipes ought to be part and parcel of our home maintenance. Not all plumbing issues are as a result of wearing out of pipes used for home plumbing. Sometimes, some of the plumbing issues that we experience in our homes are as a result of defective plumbing. Defective plumbing takes place when some defective pipes are used for plumbing, or when the design of our home plumbing system is defective. Regardless of the causes of defective plumbing, poor home plumbing could result to a lot of health complications. Below is what would happen to our health when there is no proper plumbing in our homes.

Copper in drinking water results in health effects

Poor home plumbing may result to copper contaminating drinking water. When in small quantities, copper helps in maintain good health and it should be part of our diet. Though copper is an essential element for all living organisms, humans included, it can lead to adverse health effects such as vomiting, nausea, stomach cramps and diarrhea. Copper has also been linked with kidney disease and liver damage. Even if our bodies have a natural mechanism for controlling the right amount of copper in them, children especially the ones who are below one year of age are yet to develop a proper mechanism of regulating the amount of copper in their bodies. Similarly, persons suffering from liver and kidney diseases normally experience difficulties in maintain the level of copper in their bodies.

waterLead in drinking water has numerous health risks

The other problem attributed to poor home plumbing is that, it results to lead contaminating drinking water. If our bodies are exposed to high levels of lead for a long period, it can result to convulsions, diarrhea and vomiting. When our bodies have excess amounts of lead, we end up suffering from lead poisoning, which could cause death.

Even the slightest amount of lead could be harmful to pregnant women and young children. Other health causes of lead include impaired mental function, abdominal pains, fatigues, constipation and severe headaches.

Growth of mould in our homes could lead to serious health issues

Poor home plumbing is the ultimate cause of mould growth in our homes. Apparently, mould may cause adverse health effects such as breathing problems, mental impairment, respiratory problems, skin diseases and mental and neurological problems. Mould could further result to reproductive problems, eye problems, fatigue and tiredness. The main reason why mould can result to mental and neurological problems is that, it contains trichothecene mycotoxins. These chemicals are neurotoxic and can damage the neurons in our brains, thus impairing our mental ability. They may also cause some nervous disorders such as tremors, besides causing irritability, mood swings and personality changes.

Poor plumbing is the ultimate cause of typhoid

The main cause of typhoid is poor sanitation, which is normally as a result of poor home plumbing. Salmonella Typhi, which is the bacteria that cause typhoid, can easily sneak into broken pipes thus contaminating water reserved for human consumption. Poor plumbing could result to pathogens and micro-organism contaminating drinking water. Apparently, these are the major causes of health complications that we suffer from today. Pathogens and micro-organisms can lead to vomiting, diarrhea and stomach complications.

Why proper home plumbing is important

Proper home plumbing from ATS will not only be important to our health today, but it was important to our health yesterday and it will continue to be more important tomorrow and in the future. Majority of poor home plumbing is normally as a result of negligence. Some plumbers are not keen to do their jobs as required of them. The best solution to poor home plumbing is replacing all the old and broken pipes with new ones. We should also not hesitate to contact the plumbers in Belfast at http://www.atsgas.com/plumbers-belfast whenever we notice some leaking pipes. We should further install pressure reducing valves , in order to manage high water pressure, thus preventing pipes from bursting.