All you need to know about breast implants

breast implantsThe surgeon will do the breast implant by deciding if the implant is going to be above or under the pectoral muscle. Your surgeon will make this determination by calculating a few different factors. The size of the implant, your own anatomy and how the implant needs to be placed for optimal results and a few other factors. Breast implants are not just for women. Men can get implants as well. However for man instead of being called breast implants the term is pectoral implants. Men can get breast cancer as well and when this happens they have the breast tissue removed just local woman would. The pectoral implants that would be put in would be to reconstruct the muscle, and would not be an implant local woman would have.

The American Society of plastic surgeons has statistics that say between men and women breast implants are the most popular and commonly done surgery in the United States. Even though some of the breast surgeries might have gone down in the past two years due to the economy but they are still the number one cosmetic surgery in America.

breastMaking the decision to get breast implants is not something that any one should take lightly. Doing research and knowing all that you can about the procedure and the different types of implants is the best possible thing you can do to make an informed decision. Researching and getting a plastic surgeon that you for comfortable with and that has a good reputation is equally important. Must for comfortable with your surgeon and feel you can ask him anything that you need to. A good plastic surgeon will tell you all the risks and the benefits of your particular surgery.

There are many considerations that go into getting breast implants. Deciding the size of the implant is not just based on a woman’s preference. The doctor has to determine if it is possible for the woman to have the size breasts that she wants. This means that if a woman is looking forward to going from an A cup to a D cup, while it might be feasible, there could also be an instance where she does not have enough skin, or it possibly will not fit her body and cause an issue. In this case, it is the plastic surgeon’s duty as a responsible doctor to make sure the patient realizes that a particular procedure done a certain way will not benefit her. Through this useful interaction, the patient and the plastic surgeon and will come to a conclusion of exactly what is going to work for that patient.