Alterating the size of your nose

479082_extreme_close-upWhat is Rhinoplasty? Rhinoplasty is a common cosmetic surgery of the nose. There are multiple types of Rhinoplasty surgery and various reasons why this procedure is performed. This surgery is performed on patients for cosmetic reasons as well as health reasons.

For the most, it is performed for the reshaping, or reconstruction of the nose. Some patients choose Rhinoplasty surgery to repair obstruction of the nose that hinders normal breathing patterns. In most cases, sinus related problems can be fixed through this cosmetic surgery procedure.

The most common, yet most extensive type of Rhinoplasty is called, Open Rhinoplasty. This procedure is performed on the outside of the nose and is found most common in patients seeking cosmetic care. Open Rhinoplasty does intend to have some scarring involved but the less amount of recovery time in comparison to other types of Rhinoplasty.

Another type of nasal surgery is called, Closed Rhinoplasty. This procedure is performed inside the nose causing very little scarring or noticeable disorders. Closed Rhinoplasty, as well as Open Rhinoplasty, is used for cosmetic construction and health related problems. Though Closed Rhinoplasty shows less scarring it takes the longest recovery time.

Reduction Rhinoplasty and Septoplasty are two other common cosmetic surgery procedures. Though Reduction is the most common between the two, both are used in cosmetic care of the nose. While Reduction Rhinoplasty is performed in reducing the size of the nose, Septoplasty is used in straightening the nose. Thousands of patients request Reduction and Septoplasty as an elective procedure, though some procedures are requested due to an injury of the nose.

Although any general surgeon can perform nasal surgery, choosing the right one is very important. Before a patient decides on a surgeon, he/she should request a consultation with that performing surgeon. Many questions should be asked including “before and after” results. How many procedures of this kind have the surgeon performed would be another good question to be answered. Choosing the right surgeon should be done with the most extreme care possible.

iStock_000009213659SmallMany patients, including famous movie stars, have Rhinoplasty and other types of cosmetic surgery, done each year. Discussing this procedure with others who have had Rhinoplasty done is great for outcome opinion.

The less common type of Rhinoplasty is Revision. Revision Rhinoplasty is common in correction of unsatisfied results of cosmetic surgery. Revision also has the longest recovery time of all types of Rhinoplasty. This procedure is the lesser of the five mentioned above. Revision is the one that should be avoided the most. Seeking the most experienced cosmetic surgeon can help in the avoidance of Revision. As with any surgery, the results of nose surgery are not completely guaranteed. Many patients are not satisfied with the results of their procedure.

This is the reason for Revision. Much time for recovery, and thought should be considered before Revision Rhinoplasty is performed. Overall, Rhinoplasty, a cosmetic surgery procedure, is highly favoured for the reshaping the nose. Though there are risks with all surgical procedures, the risks of Rhinoplasty are low when performed correctly.

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