Boosting Body Image with Nipple Correction and Mid Face Lift

cosmetic (2)Current cosmetic surgery goes where no one once thought possible with the ability to reverse inverted nipples. It also offers more options in the common area of face lifts with the mid face lift that targets sagging cheekbones.

Nearly 2 percent of American women deal with the issue of inverted nipples. The inverted nipple is a normal nipple with the exception that it points in the opposite direction. An inverted nipple may appear as a flat nipple. Cosmetic surgery procedures known as inverted nipple surgery or inverted nipple correction are performed to treat such issues. With the nipple correction, the inverted nipple is redirected into an outward appearance through a small incision in the areola. If breastfeeding is a concern, talk with the surgeon during consultation as any surgery involving an incision at this site can inhibit the capacity to breastfeed. There are three different grades of inverted nipples, which can all be improved with nipple surgery. The first degree is the least problematic since manual stimulation can correct the issue for a period of time. The second grade is a little more complex with the outward appearance not lasting as long, while the third grade is virtually impossible to stimulate to the outward state.

A mid face lift consists of small incisions within the hairline and on the interior of the mouth. The patient’s natural fatty deposits encompassing the cheekbones are lifted to a new location by pulling it tight. The mid face lift noticeably enhances the lines from the mouth to nose. It also helps reposition sagging cheeks into a perkier place. This cosmetic surgery can be performed endoscopically as well as by going through the lower eyelid. Popular candidates for a mid face lift include individuals in their 40s and 50s who exhibit loose or sagging cheekbones