Botox Training Courses

Surgery-7Botox training course

The aesthetic medical field in the UK is growing rapidly as a result of the increasing popularity of Botox injections. Botox injections, also known as Botulinum Toxin Type A injections, are taught to qualified practitioners only. To perform Botox injections proficiently, appropriate skills need to be gained. Enrolling in a Botox training course is the correct way to learn the latest and most effective methods relating to Botox procedures. Having said this, Botox cannot be learned in one class.

surgery-4Classes taught at Cosmetic Courses are directed by well-educated doctors and are enhanced with information provided by aesthetic nurse specialists. All of our nurse specialists, like our doctors, have maintained profitable practices proving themselves to be an important part of the learning experience at Cosmetic Courses. Practitioners will receive information and instruction ranging from basic issues surrounding mandatory consent forms to follow-up care. When all assignments have been completed and properly learned, practitioners leave with confidence knowing that he or she has been properly prepared. Some practitioners choose to open their own non-surgical aesthetic clinics upon completion of our programs. In addition, practitioners able to make us of a free mentoring service providing follow-up support.

All pertinent training is conducted at the National Cosmetic Training Centre at the Paddocks Hospital, a BMI member. The classroom premises and all course educators are insured; this insurance coverage extends to all medical practitioners enrolled in all courses. There are legal reasons and practical reasons for this. Not all course participants are entering with the same level of knowledge. Some course attendees will already be quite skilled yet others will need additional training regarding actions like injection techniques. In either case, insurance coverage is established. In the end, practitioners will be able to offer their own patients popular Botox injections for age related wrinkles.

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