Breast Augmentation

breastBreast augmentation or breast implants is one of the most widely recognized and most performed cosmetic surgical procedures performed in the United States today. Breast augmentation surgery is done for a couple of reasons; for cosmetic reasons such as correcting deformities of the chest wall, for reconstruction purposes, such as reshaping or implanting a prosthesis after mastectomies or as a part of preparation before a male to female sex reassignment procedure. Looking at the varying reasons for this type of procedure explains why it has become the number one cosmetic surgical procedure performed.

The earliest form of breast augmentation

Breast augmentation became most popular in the 1950’s and 1960’s, women who felt they were too small in the chest area wanted to increase their bust size, and this method seemed the best way to accomplish this goal. The fact is that breast augmentation has been around since at least 1895, the first known implant was attempted in 1897 by Vincenz Czerny. He attempted to take the tissue from a benign growth on a woman’s back and implant it into her breast, the results of which are unknown. The history of the varying substances used in injection experiments is astounding, these substances include; paraffin, glass balls, round rubber, Ox cartilage, Terylene wool and many other surprising substances, all without success.

breast-1The first sign of a successful break came in 1945 when Berson performed an augmentation by rotating the patient’s chest wall tissue into the breast to increase volume. During the 1950’s and 60’s various synthetics were used, including silicone injections which an estimated 50,000 women received. It was later discovered that silicone could later develop severe complications which prompted the search for the more healthy alternative of saline.

Helping to restore female confidence

Reports have shown that many of the patients seeking breast augmentation were commonly younger females, all of whom reported that they suffered great distress over the teasing and self doubt they suffered over their appearance. This trend is confirmed by a study that showed that many of the women who had undergone cosmetic surgery for Breast augmentation suffered from low levels of self-esteem as well as depression, suicide attempts and mental illness as compared to the general population.

breast implantsHowever, when post-operative surveys concerning mental health and quality of life issues were conducted, these same patients reports a vast improvement in a number of areas in their lives including; physical health, physical appearance, social life, self confidence, self esteem and sexual function. Overall, most of the patient’s surveyed were satisfied with the long-term results of their cosmetic surgery, even if they required re-operation for any type of complication or aesthetic reasons.

Let’s learn more about breast augmentation

Whatever the reason chosen for breast augmentation, the message seems to be a clear one that this type of cosmetic procedure can offer, not only a physical enhancement, but also a mental enhancement to the recipient. With the evolution in this area to find injections and methods that offer the most optimal percentage for safety, patients can now feel secure in their decision to undergo a Breast augmentation procedure.

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