Breast Reduction

breastJust as many women feel the need to increase their bust size, for whatever reason. There are a significant number of women who feel that their breasts are overly large. Whatever the reason for the decision, these women choose to have a breast reduction or Reduction Mammoplasty performed to reduce their bust size. The cosmetic procedure for Breast reduction simply involves reduction in the size of the breast by removing breast implants or fat, skin, and glandular tissue. A procedure to counteract the drooping of the breasts may also be used.

Breast reduction for men and women

Although women are the main recipients of this type of procedure, it may come as a surprise to discover that there are male patients who require this type of surgery as well. Generally, men afflicted with a condition known as Gynecomastia, or large male mammories, have breast reduction done to eliminate this particular condition.

The surprise where breast reduction is concerned is that unlike many of the cosmetic surgical procedures, many insurance companies are willing to cover the expenses for this type of procedure. The largest deciding factor for this decision is that, in the case of women especially, overly large breasts can induce severe and painful complications that can lead to other health issues.

The most widely reported complications associated with overly large breast is that of chronic pain of the head, neck, back and shoulders. Breathing and circulation problems, as well as skin irritation problems that occur because of the abrading and irritation from bra straps, can also be linked to the issue of overly large breasts.

Female breast reduction procedure

Women who have this cosmetic procedure performed usually do so because of the pain issues, but there are those who choose this procedure because of their self consciousness in their appearance, especially if they are of a small build.

It is recommended that if a woman desires to breastfeed her children, she not have this type of procedure performed. Males who have this procedure performed do so because of their embarrassment in the size of their breasts, gynecomastia is a very common condition in men.

breast-1The exact type of procedure that a male patient undergoes is dependent on whether or not their condition is caused by adipose (fatty) tissue or glandular tissue, as well as the degree to which the glandular tissue extends laterally along the sides of their torso.

Breast reduction, while still a surgical procedure is a relatively safe one which can offer many rewards as opposed to the risks involved. Not only does it offer the obvious reward of self confidence in appearance, especially for male patients, but it also offers the reward in a significant reduction in the pain that can be caused by overly large breasts. Although the procedure can seem intimidating the long term results are worth the effort involved. The initial recovery time of a few weeks is the same for both males and females, although females may take six months to a year to adjust to the change in their bodies.

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