Breast surgical procedures

breast implantsUnlike other breast surgical procedures, Breast Lift surgery involves the removing of excess skin around the breast. Many women request this procedure due to volume loss in the breasts which cause the breasts to sag and hang out of proportion. This uncomfortable position can cause weight bearing side effects in the back, neck, or shoulders causing backaches and pains.

There are different reasons why the breasts tend to sag but some of those reasons are: excessive weight loss that causes volume loss in the breasts, pregnancy, which causes a woman’s body to stretch out of measure, or breast feeding. These are just to name a few reasons why Breast Lifts are performed.

Breast Lift cosmetic surgery is an elective procedure that allows women to regain shape and firmness in the breasts. This tends to cause the breasts to appear firmer, perkier, and lifted back into the position where they are meant to be. Through this procedure, the breasts are tightened and firmed by removing the skin around the breasts to produce maximum volume. Sometimes loss volume is so extensive, implants are used in the reshaping process of the breasts so that they do not look smaller than desired. Breast lift surgery is most common in smaller breasted women.

Larger busts have a lower success rate due to the weight of the breasts. The larger the busts are determines the amount of weight pulling them down causing them to sag. In such cases, Breast Reduction surgery is a common procedure performed with Breast Lift surgery. Smaller busted women have a higher overall satisfaction in the procedure. The weight bearing problem does not exist in the smaller breasts which allow for better and longer lasting Lifts.

A common question asked by patients either before or after the surgery is what side effects are there from a Breast Lift surgery. There are little side effects from Breast Lift cosmetic surgery. If there are any, most women do not have them for long. However, there are always precautions during this procedure, as with any surgical procedure. Localized bruising and swelling are common in Lift surgery. Numbness in the breasts, especially around the nipples is also very common. These side effects should not be ignored but should be monitored directly following surgery.

breast-3Recovery from Breast Lift surgery usually takes several weeks to completely heal. In some cases, complete recovery has taken several months to a year. Normal activities should be prolonged at least two to four weeks. Sexual activity should also be postponed for a couple of weeks following Breast Lift surgery. Careful consideration of sleeping positions is very important in protecting sore and swollen breasts.

Follow up appointments should always be kept in conjunction with close relations with the surgeon. Unanswered concerns should always be addressed as soon as they arrive.
Keep in mind, not all Breast Lift surgeries are 100% guaranteed. Excessive weight loss after surgery could be a concern if it causes the breasts to stretch and sag. Pregnancy after surgery could also be devastating to the breasts. It is suggested that Breast Lift surgery is postponed until all possible pregnancies are expired and physical growth and maturity has been reached.

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