Breast Uplift

breast-3Many women, as they age, suffer from the problem of sagging breasts. This happens over a period of time, especially for a woman who either had many children and breastfed or have large breasts. Over a period of time natural sagging simply takes place and this can cause self confidence issues in their appearance for many women. A breast lift helps to alleviate this problem and can give a significant boost to a woman’s self confidence.

Breast lift or Matopexy is simply the cosmetic surgical procedure that lifts or changes the shape of a person’s breast. This procedure can involve the repositioning of the areola and nipple as well as lifting the breast tissue and removal of skin. This procedure and be performed either alone or in conjunction with the placement of breast implants.

What is a breast uplift?

Patients considering a Mastopexy should be aware that the change is not a permanent one. Although this will last for a lengthy period of time, it is important to keep in mind that the natural aging process as well as the effects of gravity will cause ptosis to recur over time. However, a breast lift can definitely help slow this process. There are two different types of cosmetic surgery breast lift procedures that are used; full breast lift and modified breast lift.

breast-2With the full breast lift an incision is made along the crease under the breast, around the areola and a vertical incision between the areola and the base of the breast. This particular incision method is used the most because it tends to produce the desired shape and position of the breast on the chest wall on a consistent basis.

What techniques are used?

Using this particular technique removes the excess skin while elevating the breast. Frequently the size of the areola is reduced with this technique. This particular method allows for a maximal change to the breast. The drawback is that there will be scarring but by using this particular method of incisions referred to as the anchor or inverted T, the healing process has a characteristic pattern.
The incision made at the areola area is partially concealed by the transition in the pigment change of that area. The other two incisions tend to be hidden in the skin folds and natural shadowing of the skin.

How is breast lift surgery performed?

The modified breast lift produces less scarring. This technique uses fewer incisions, but the potential drawback is that less change is made to the breast’s shape. These types of breast lifts are often used with breast augmentation. This method basically removes excess skin from the areola and nipple area, simply drawing the breast higher.

Since the incision is made around that area the scarring is hidden in the pigment change of that area. This method is often referred to as the Benelli breast lift, concentric mastopexy or donut lift.

Both of these methods can produce the desired results you seek, but your physician can help you make the best decision as to which method will have the most optimal results.

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