Celebrities under plastic surgeon’s scalpel

cosmeticIt is a widely known secret that nowadays a good deal of Hollywood celebrities commands the rather specific health care and beauty service, that is, getting various means of plastic surgery is widespread among stars. It all has quite understandable reasons, indeed, because celebs and stars are people who simply cannot afford themselves look bad or unattractive in the eyes of their fans, moreover, being permanently in the crosshairs of the photographers and at the tip of a nippy journalist pen. And honestly speaking such an undiminishing interest is to be blamed for the whole thing: it is just impossible for the celebrities who are very much in evidence, to treat their appearance carelessly – all those line and wrinkles, sagging skin and any other visible signs being strong indications of aging, for example.

However, there are of course some stars who are used not to be bothered with such mere conventions, and don’t take it all so zealously; usually these are people, whose career is successful enough to let them not be afraid of becoming the subject of countless rumors among their colleagues and all the people greedy of such unpleasant things. Although, the number of such celebrities is relatively low.

Of course, celebs, who take the advantages of the modern cosmetic surgery, in most cases try to conceive this fact, but some of them have enough sincerity to make no bones of the matter. So sometimes they confess of the undergone procedures before the questions arise if they want to be honest with their fans.

cosmetic (2)For example, Courtney Cox plastic surgery has been told about to everyone by her. She told her fans about Botox injections. And as it has become clear to wide audience, her cheeks and lips underwent the procedure of Botox fillers injections. Such an honesty of hers was appreciated by the journalists and welcomed by her fans. She has also confessed in front of all about her fear of aging.

Ashley Tisdale also made it her point to tell the fans that her nose undergone some surgical improvements. According to her, it was just necessary because she had had some embarrassing troubles with breathing.

All in all, little time will pass before every Hollywood star has to admit that aging is a normal phenomenon nobody can prevent. But still certain medical efforts can be taken to sustain our handsomeness longer.