Celebrity Cosmetic Surgery

Heidi Montag agreed to do an interview and I heard a lot about this interview but I wasn’t sure as to how good it was, and it’s awesome! She talks about her Cosmetic Surgery and her interview with People magazine. Remember how they said that she was addicted to plastic surgery and that’s why she had 10 operations in one day? Well now she’s saying that isn’t true and she’s not addicted to any type of surgery.

Heidi, also known as Mrs.Spencer Pratt, is a reality star from a show called The Hills. Her life has become a self-made fame-parade. Her surgery last year caused eyes to roll around the world. She had 10 different procedures over 10 hours, nips, tucks and augmentation. She agrees that childhood teasing is what brought her under the knife.

“I would say that nobody knows me” she has stated over numerous accounts. She’s only 23 and although her surgeon says that many people her age get surgery people are still talking. Heidi’s surgeon, Frank Ryan, see’s nothing wrong with the surgery. He said he just did a few “tweaks” here and there.

Other surgeons say they would never even try to do that to someone. It’s irresponsible for someone to perform 10 surgeries in one day as they did with her. Getting 10 surgeries when you’re already good-looking is literally absurd. I think she looks fake!

Although Heidi disagrees with the general public she believes that she did not overdue the surgery and that she just looks like a better version of her old self now. She is a role model to young girls and by saying that her boobs aren’t big enough or her face isn’t quite right is giving the wrong message to her fans.

Heidi insists that she did make all of these changes for the industry she is in and to keep up with the times. “Hollywood isn’t quite forgiving for how you look” she says. She loves living in her own skin and looks at it as her career and her life, and you only have one life so make the best of it.

Less than two months after the 10 procedures her face is still swollen and recovering. She said the reason she decided to come out and talk about her surgeries is because she’s about to launch her new career as a pop-star. She didn’t get the surgery to jump-start her career as a singer, she just wanted a fresh look about her before getting on with her musical debut. When asked to sing by the lady who was conducting the interview she refused and said that she’s still recovering from her surgery and her jaw is really delicate.

Although it’s only my opinion I feel as though she stepped out of the London Wax Museum. I like the idea of Cosmetic Surgery to make yourself look better but this just made her look fake. I hope that Heidi learns from this experience and stays away from the surgeries.

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