Choices in Cosmetic Surgery

Surgery-9There are many choices available in today’s cosmetic surgery market. Whatever imperfection you desire to improve, there is a procedure right for you. One method not as widely publicized is inverted nipple surgery. This procedure takes an inverted nipple and changes the direction to make it appear like the typical look of the breast. An inverted nipple is one that points inward and does not protrude away from the breast. It may also look flat. Different degrees of inverted nipples have been established and all can be corrected with the use of inverted nipple correction. Through an incision at the areola, the inverted nipple can be extracted to give the desired appearance. The final result improves the overall self-esteem and body image of the woman and often boosts her defining feminine characteristics of sexuality and motherhood. Nipple correction or nipple surgery is typically an outpatient procedure that involves the use of local anaesthetic. During consultation, be sure to discuss any concerns with breastfeeding as it may be impossible after surgery.

Another choice in the field of cosmetic surgery is the mini face lift. A mini face lift is exactly what it sounds to be in that it is a miniature version of the traditional face lift. As the cliché goes, less is more. With a mini face lift, the patient is able to target the exact imperfections with the surgeon’s ability to make a smaller incision at the hairline and within the mouth to lift tissue and form a tighter, more youthful face. There is a shorter recovery period in comparison to the traditional face lift. The results are less dramatic and appear like a subtle enhancement, which is more natural. Due to the shortened recovery period, the mini face lift is sometimes called a “weekend face lift.”