Does Having Plastic Surgery Make You Beautiful?

cosmetic-3In the earlier days, if you wished to have a plastic surgery performed on your body or face, you had to be extremely private about the matter as you would be judged in an instant. However, today, plastic surgery is the order of the day and there is a plethora of women and even some men who are willing to go under the knife to correct some minor as well as major imperfections and look more naturally beautiful. However, the question that really needs to be answered is whether or not plastic surgery can be responsible to make you look beautiful or is it simply a myth.

Ideally, plastic surgery works best when you have little imperfections that you wish to correct. For instance, there are several women who feel that their nose is slightly fatter or longer, which need slight tweaking. There is also a set of women who feel that their lips are too thick and need to be thinned out, hence they decide to go under the knife. However, it should be noted that plastic surgery has been designed to correct these flawed facial features and there may be nothing more to it. You also need to realize that just because you want a particular area of your face enhanced, does not imply that that only that particular section of the face needs to be corrected. A plastic surgeon is likely to make changes to the neighbouring regions as well so that the entire structure looks more balanced.

If you wish to know whether plastic surgery makes a person happy and beautiful, most answers would point in the affirmative. There are several beautification procedures that are both surgical as well as non surgical. When it comes to non surgical, the use of laser treatments, botox and filler treatments are the most common ones. However, in the surgical department, face correction, breast enhancement and liposuction take the cake.

injuctionsWhile there is a handful of people that firmly believe that plastic surgery helps make you beautiful, there is a whole new section of people, including the plastic surgeons and the patients who go under the knife that believe that although there is an initial boost in the self esteem, plastic surgery does little to keep this self esteem maintained over a long period of time. Therefore, it can be easily said that the boost received from plastic surgery is only momentary.

Researchers have not yet gone the extra mile of comparing two groups of people – one who have been through the plastic surgery procedures and the other who have not to understand and come to a conclusion. However, these researchers have kept in touch with the patients who have been under the knife for a pretty long period of time only to find out that over a period of a few years, there have been little or absolutely no changes in the self esteem or their perception of beauty. To know more about this, Click Here.

cosmetic (2)Cosmetic surgery can be beneficial to you if done in the right way. Usually, when you go under the knife once, you tend to get the feeling that other regions of your body are imperfect as well and therefore, you end up torturing your body with multiple cosmetic surgeries, which can have an adverse effect not only on the way you look but also on the way you feel. Therefore, it is important to understand when to draw the line. Facial beauty may not last very long, but it is your inner soul that must be beautiful, no matter what.

Author’s bio:

Brooke Sullivan is a plastic surgeon and has been involved in cosmetic augmentation and correction procedures for over 6 years. She is also the author of a healthcare book and writes for a magazine.