Eyebag removal…what are the final results

ReflectionEyebag Removal is most commonly requested by adults 35 and older. This is most apparent because of the aging process. Through age and time, the skin around the eye and eyelid begins to sag or droop. While medical risks are not an issue through sagging skin, it can block and cause vision of the eye difficult.

Eyebag Removal is also common in children and young adults who have, what is commonly called, sleepy or lazy eye. Sleepy, or lazy eye, consists of nerve damage or a poor muscle in the eyelid. When treatment is inevitable in young children, generally, genetics are to blame. Though sleepy, or lazy eye, does not pose a threat, it can tend to be a nagging experience. Ridicule and embarrassment are also related problems especially in children and young adults.

When eyebag removal cosmetic surgery is elected, regardless of the reasons, the results seemingly have a high satisfaction rate. Choosing the best cosmetic surgeon is important along with a detailed consultation. During the basic eyebag removal procedure, incisions are made on the upper eyelid and occasionally across the bottom rim. Excess skin and possible over stretched muscle are. This allows the eyelid to be firm causing complete satisfaction. When ageing or weight loss is the culprit, the “eye lift” procedure is basically the same. Unfortunately, not all cases are long lasting. This is simply due to the fact that the more that ageing and weight loss is an issue after surgery, the more drooping will take place. This unwanted experience may require another eyebag removal.

face liftNot everyone who requests an eyebag removal surgery is granted the permission from the practicing surgeon. Candidates who have a long term history of heart disease, high blood pressure or hypothyroidism are not encouraged to undergo such procedures. Dry eyes are also a complication to the procedure.

When preparing for the actual surgery, general anesthesia may be used. Mild sedation is also used in some cases. This is where the candidate is mildly sedated yet awake during the process.
The recovery time for eyebag removal is based upon each individual but normally requires 10 days; up to three weeks in some cases. The surgeon may include specific directions that should be followed after the procedure is complete.

Proper bandaging of the eye is very important. All strenuous activities should be restricted for at least three weeks to avoid possible blood clots or eye vessel damage.  Choosing eyebag removal cosmetic surgery is a large step in taking control of self confidence and raising self esteem. Though it may seem as a big challenge, its reward is overwhelming. When following the proper recovery process, this surgery has high potential to be the best cosmetic surgery of its kind.

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