Eyelid Surgery in the Blink of an Eye

eyelashesWhile the drooping heavy-lidded look is considered sensuous, it is so if it is natural. But the drooping and heaviness of eyelids that take place due to aging is not at all beautiful. Corrective or cosmetic Eyelid Surgery can take care of this to give you back your alert youthful look. Eyelid Surgery is also called Blepharoplasty. Cosmetic Blepharoplasty or Eyelid Surgery is carried out to remove excess fat or skin from around the eyes to improve appearance. With age, the skin and muscles lose its elasticity, and loose pockets of skin or bagginess develops in the eye sockets. It must not be confused with Functional Blepharoplasty or Eyelid Surgery. The latter is carried out for medical reasons. Thus Eyelid Surgery can be Cosmetic or Functional. The Eyelid Surgery is performed under local anaesthesia at the outpatient unit by cosmetic surgeons, ophthalmologists and oculoplastic surgeons. The Lower Eyelid Surgery is sometimes carried out under general anaesthesia.


Why Functional Eyelid Surgery is Conducted?           

Functional Eyelid Surgery is conducted for the following reasons:

  • When the drooping heaviness of the eyelids are impairing clear vision.
  • The bagginess around the eyes is making it difficult to fit glasses or lens.
  • When the sagging skin and muscles are causing forehead discomfort.
  • Irritation from the excess folds of skin rubbing against each other.


 Upper Eyelid Surgery and Lower Eyelid Surgery

Upper Eyelid Surgery is carried out to remove crow’s nest, wrinkles and fat deposition below the upper lid. This helps to tighten the skin, remove creases and restore the natural curvature of the eyelids. Recovery period is 10 days.

Lower Eyelid Surgery is carried out to remove the bulgy fat pockets protruding from the lower eyelids. The Lower Eyelid Surgery is a much more delicate operation as the wound healing becomes very important. Recovery period is 14-21 days.

Preparations for Eyelid Surgery

  • Stop smoking.
  • Stop taking aspirin.
  • Take arnica a week before and after the Eyelid Surgery.
  • Be ready with medical history of your eyes including problems and treatments, and thyroid problems if any.
  • The doctor might suggest a brow lift operation before if you have low brows.
  • eyelidsAny swelling on the cheek or any other secondary facial bags are not conducive to the surgery.

Extremely good hands and expertise of the cosmetic surgeon is necessary to perform Eyelid Surgery since otherwise it might lead to a lot of problems. It can lead to an unnatural appearance due to the surgery and change in the position of the eyebrows. It can also result in dryness of eyes. Thus you have to be very careful when selecting the most experienced and expert cosmetic surgeon with excellent Eyelid Surgery skills.