Female cosmetic surgery choices


As compared to the male population, females are more concerned with their physical appearance and how they look as they are growing older. For most women, the saying that beauty is within is something vague and/or false. This being said, a massive rate or number of cosmetic surgeries for women are performed yearly, from face lifts, rhinoplasty, otoplasty, tummy tucks and so on. With medical breakthroughs and technological advancements that are present in today’s world, types of cosmetic surgeries have increased rapidly to address and accommodate the individual needs and desires of women across the globe that are willing to spend thousands of dollars to enhance their physical attributes. Read on as we discuss some of the common cosmetic surgeries that are offered nowadays by cosmetic experts.

First, face lifts. Face lifts are performed on individuals who are extremely unhappy with their saggy and wrinkly facial skin. In this type of surgery, an excess drooping skin is removed from the patient’s face by means of an operation. Face lifts are also known to help eliminate wrinkles on the skin by tightening or hardening it. By doing this, your saggy skin is transformed into a youthful-looking and smooth skin. Patients are given a choice from brow lifts, cheek lifts and neck lifts, depending on what they need.

pregnencyIf you’re more concerned on your genital part as opposed to your face, labiaplasty surgery is an operation that may best suit you. This surgery is primarily aimed in reducing the labia minora, which consist of mucosal tissue folds that can expand due to several factors, such as pregnancy, inflammation or a genetic disorder. Preferably, most females don’t want to look at their vagina and inspect the labia minora, so in the event that the labia minora increases in size and hangs underneath the labia majora, this may result in problems related to intimate settings as well as restricting the individual to wear swimsuits or tight apparel. When not treated, expanded labia minora can also induce discomfort when it comes to sexual intercourse.

This being said, it is important to have your genitals assessed and treated by your physician so as to give cure as early as possible before further damage occurs. The cost of undergoing labiaplasty may be somewhat expensive, ranging from around $3000 to $5000. This covers the surgeon’s fees, the operating room and the anesthesia needed to carry out the task.

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