Hair Implants Bristol

hair (1)When you find your pillow covered in hair or you seem to have handfuls of your hair disappearing down your bath drainer, you may have good reason to panic. But you should not. There are various places and clinics, which specializes in hair problems, which have very highly trained doctors and staff to help you to retain and even grow more hair. Hair implants Bristol is on of such places, and it has a very good reputation.

Before you rush off to the first clinic you find to try to stop the hair fall, you first should do some research on hair loss and why it happens. There are many reasons why your hair starts to fall out, and some of them can be adjusted at home. If you check with the experts at Hair Implants Bristol, they will also go through your diet, stress levels, blood tests for hormones and various other tests before they consider you right for a hair implant.

Male pattern baldness is usually the first offender, but some of the others are very common too. Hormonal changes may be the reason for women suffering hair loss, as is stress factors for both male and female. Sometimes a person’s diet can be the problem. The onset of some diseases can also be a factor.

hair (2)When your hair-restorer decides to do your restoration, he or she will tell you exactly what the procedure is and how much it will cost. They will also say whether they would want you to stay overnight, so you can make your arrangements. Most insurance will simply tell you that they do not pay out on cosmetic procedures, which are to improve your appearance. However, if your loss of hair is due to an accident, burns or something along those lines, then they may pay out on some of the procedure.

This in itself can be rather expensive, depending on where you choose to have it performed. If you choose to go to hair implant Bristol, you may be able to get some concessions, but this will need to be discussed with them before the operation. You may even be able to pay it off in installments. Find out all you can about payment options before you book in for the surgery.

Once all that is sorted out, then is the time for the operation. Your head will be carefully checked for the best place to remove tiny patches of hair to replace the ones missing. This part of the skull is usually the back of the head where the hair does not usually go missing. Once this is selected, the rather minor operation begins. Tiny slits are opened in the skull and 2 or 3 selected hairs are placed in the slit and it is stitched shut to help the hairs stay in place.

Hair-replacement (2)You may or may not need to stay overnight after the operation, depending on how you feel. You may also have to wear a light bandage for a day until things settle down. Small scabs will form and very specific care is needed with them so as not to interfere with the healing.

Newly planted hair may fall out after surgery and new hair grow soon after. You may need to wait around twenty-four months to see full-grown new hair. You can wash your new hair and make as many styles as you want. Just follow the instructions and after surgery care procedure as advised by your doctor. Find a qualified surgeon at one of the Hair implants Bristolclinics on the internet and book your appointment at your earliest to gain back your looks and confidence with healthy and natural looking hair.