How Face Lifts Work

face liftA Face lift is a cosmetic procedure that is used by people to reduce or remove the signs of ageing from the faces. There are different methods using which the objective can be accomplished. It is believed that face lifts are the sixth most popular cosmetic surgeries. If you are interested in getting a face lift done, it is essential that you understand how the procedure works. Once you understand the procedure, you will be better informed to make a decision for or against it. Below we discuss what is a face lift and the most common procedures.

What is a facelift?

A facelift is technically called rhytidectomy. This procedure can involve both surgical and non-srugical methods to get the face a more taut and younger looking skin. The chief area of concern in this procedure is the facial skin. As a person ages, the various symptoms on the face like worry lines on the forehead, dark lines below the eyes start appearing. The skin loses its elasticity slowly and will start to sag. The nasalobial folds start to appear and for some the cheeks sag and the mid-face sort of flattens. Even though it is impossible to completely reverse the process of aging, doctors and surgeons have come up with a medical procedure that can help to remove the existing signs of aging. The existing symptoms of ageing are noted and suitable surgeries or injections are prescribed by the doctors keeping in mind the age of the patient and the budget available. To get a youthful appearance, all the factors mentioned above are tackled. Even though surgery is highly popular for the purpose of face-lift, there are a few non-surgical methods available. These methods fulfill their objective using injections. Dermal fillers and botox treatments are the most popular options if you want to lift your face without undergoing surgery. You have to remember that all of these procedures are highly expensive and in addition to the cost of the procedure, you will also require to have a certain downtime until the scars heal.

facelift3Surgical Facelifts

There are many different types of surgical facelifts. The type that is suitable for a patient is determined after thorough consultation. The patient’s age, amount of deterioration skin has undergone, area of correction desired are the factors contributing to the decision on the surgery type. The incisions usually start in the front of the face by the side of the ear and runs up to the hairline and on the other side around the bottom of the ear and up to the back hairline. As the skin opens, the surgeons will be able to work with the deep tissues. The necessary adjustments and corrections are made depending upon the patient’s requirements. Once the tissues have been tightened, the surgeon will cut off the excess skin and seal the skin using dissolvable sutures or staples. The popular types of face lifts are SMAS facelift, full face lift (which is highly invasive and will require long time to heal), mid face-lift, feather lift, MACS face lift and composite face lift.

Author bio: Owen Ormsley asks you to lift your face with the help of facelift in Calgary. Take some time to read the procedure s and talk with some reputable doctors in your area before hiring the surgeons.