How Much Do Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures Cost In The United Kingdom?

The cost of dental treatment in the United Kingdom varies hugely depending on what you need to have done.  The National Health Service (NHS) means that some procedures are free at the point of service and are essentially paid for in tax revenue.  But there are many processes which you can choose to have done and pay for at your local dentist.  Many dentists offer both essential National Health Service treatments as well as specialised privately funded treatments too.

Cost of some things can sometimes depend on what the dentist has a level of expertise in.  Of course dentists are trained to carry out all procedures and they never would carry out a procedure unless they knew exactly how to do it properly.  But a dentist who has trained for very many years to reach the peak of perfection in carrying out a certain process might charge substantially more because of his or her excellence in that field such as being specialised in a cosmetic procedure such as dental implants, veneers or 6 month smiles treatment.


Teeth whitening comes near the cheaper end of dentistry treatments, ostensibly because it uses little materials and is relatively labour non-intensive.  This can be found in the United Kingdom for as little as three hundred pounds sterling.  Things like dental implants for teeth  are far more expensive because they require specialist surgery and use materials like the titanium implants that go under the gums.  Having Invisalign clear braces might be fairly expensive too because these removable braces are replaced every time that the teeth have been sufficiently altered in terms of their positions.  The repeat visits your dentist also adds to the cost too.

Your dentist will be happy to discuss the costs of any procedures with you which you are considering and they might even offer the chance to take up a repayment plan.  Often these are interest free too.