nose-2Are you considering having a ‘nose job’? Have you considered the impact of such a surgery? Do you know what the operation entails, the recovery process etc.? If not, why not get in contact with an industry-leading cosmetic surgery practice – with consultation clinics around the UK – with over 30 years experience and fully trained NHS staff who can help you get the best nose job for your needs?

Cosmetic Surgery Partners are one of the UK’s leading cosmetic surgery clinics. Cosmetic Surgery Partners was founded in 2010 by Nick Percival, Dai Davies and Miles Berry. The partnership was born from Plastic Surgery Partners, formed in 1998 by Nick Percival and Dai Davies, two Consultant Plastic Surgeons who worked together in the NHS at Charing CrossHospital and in private practice at 55 Harley Street, London. Cosmetic Surgery partners have always believed in the “concept of specialist expertise within the field of cosmetic surgery”. They believe and actively endorse high standards of quality treatment. The partnership now operates out of London’s WelbeckHospital and has clinics for consultation in London, Cardiff, Southampton, Guernsey and Jersey.

Nose Job – The Basics:

Well, in reality, nose jobs actually called a Rhinoplasty. It is a surgical procedure that is carried out in order to improve the physical appearance of a nose and/or to help improve breathing. The nose has many elements – each element can be changed. Nasal surgery can help re-define the shape of the nose tip, to narrow the nostrils, the angle between the nose and the lower lip and even make the nose itself bigger or smaller. Whatever you need – it can, surgically, be accomplished.

noseCelebrities have given Rhinoplasty procedures a bad name in recent years. Other clinics have helped by ‘over-operating’ on noses and this has created a public perception that has found Rhinoplasty to be a ‘celebrity’ quirk. However, in reality, Cosmetic Surgery Partners thinks every nose is unique. So, at CSP, you will never be told, ‘yes’, by the surgical team if you ask to have your nose exactly like someone else’s. Each nose is unique! A professional surgeon will only tell you that what can practically be done.

The consultation process, undertaken by Cosmetic Surgery Partners, is unique and highly professional. The surgical team use 3D computer modelling to help you visualise your nose – and demonstrate what they can accomplish. It is also important to remember that your nose is in harmony with other parts of your face.  Choosing your approach is crucial – at Cosmetic Surgery Partners you surgeon will be frank and will not entertain ‘wildly’ unobtainable ideals.

The surgical process will require the patient to adhere to a strict no-smoking and no-aspirin intake for the seven days leading up to the procedure. The process also requires Arnica to be taken a week before and after the surgery. The physical process will see the patient undergo general anaesthetic. The incisions being made will be either inside the nose (endonasal) or the colurnella (open rhinoplasty). If there is a breathing problem this may be addresses during the same operation. The nose hump may be reduced by shaving it down with a file. The nasal bones are narrowed by carefully performed breaks (in fracture). The large cartilages are then altered in size and shape.

For more information and a no-obligation consultation why not get in contact today with the consultation and surgery team at Cosmetic Surgery Partners? For more information why not visit their website or alternatively why not call 0207 486 6778 or email for further details? Cosmetic Surgery Partners are head and shoulders over the rest “Simply Better” than any other cosmetic clinic in the UK.