Nose Reshaping

Nose reshaping involves several steps. The reason for undergoing this cosmetic surgery varies from vanity and discomfort with an individuals physical appearance to serious medical health issues that need to be addressed. Whether an individual simply wants a straighter nose with greater aesthetic appeal or someone took a hammer to their face and they just want to live a normal life does not change the equation much. Either way they desire to have the appearance of their nose changed.


There are two procedures used in nose reshaping. These procedural method are the closed and open techniques. The closed technique is used for less invasive internal cutting that will not show marks externally except perhaps at the tip of the nostril. The open technique is for more invasive and radical surgeries. This process involves cutting the columnella a small piece of flesh between the nostrils and gently raising the skin of the nose up so that the surgeon can better access the bone and cartilage underneath. The open technique is used in septoplasty, the reshaping and repair of the septum that divides the nasal cavity into two separate nostrils. It is also used for nasal augmentation as well.

There are risks to rhinoplasty that people considering the procedure should be aware of. The possibility of revision surgery always exists as the swelling around the nose recedes it might show that a little more work must be done to reach the goal of the original surgery. Other noted complications include swelling, difficulty breathing while the nose is swollen, and the possibility of infection.

Cosmetic surgery on the nose is a relatively safe procedure due to its continual practice. However, a competent doctor with several years of experience and a minimum of two years as a cosmetic surgeon should be sought after instead of the cheapest equivalent.