Pro Dental Tips for a Healthy Mouth

dental2There are few things people dread more than that bi-monthly visit to the dentist. Cavities, root canals, pain, bleeding, the loud whirring of that drill – these are unfortunate realities for many once they open up and say aah.  But the whole of the dental experience isn´t merely relegated to what goes on in the chair. There are other considerations as well, such as dentist selection, what implements to use at home, and warning signs to look out for. A dentist can only do so much once the patient is in front of them, it`s up to said patient to ensure he or she has done the legwork and critical thinking to make a healthy mouth an easy reality.

With that in mind, here are some professional tips that have been handed down over the years by dentists who want to impart more than just the standard “brush and floss twice a day” mantra. This wisdom is meant to create the conditions necessary for a lifetime supply of healthy teeth.

Pain is not always an indicator something is wrong

Many folks feel fine until they have a heart attack, too. Dentists recommend twice yearly visits precisely because people often lapse when they don´t feel something is wrong with their mouth. The mouth is a part of the body, and like any other part, it needs regular checkups, pain or no pain. Along these same lines but even more frightening is that many folks don´t think bleeding gums are a sufficient-enough reason to head off to the dentist. A good rule of thumb is that if any part of the body is bleeding, it´s probably best to see a professional right away.

dentalTreat the problem before covering up the symptoms

In this day and age, many folks rush to cosmetic dentistry to solve any and all superficial issues they have with their mouths. The problem with this is that many of these same people first neglect to build a healthy mouth before adding veneers or getting whitening treatment. Just like no self-respecting contractor would build a home on unstable land, no dentist should opt for cosmetic surgery before taking care of all oral health issues.

Skip the bells and whistles, go electric

There are many toothbrushes and toothpastes on the market that purport to contain all sorts of UV devices, sanitizers and whiteners. Most dentists will say a germ-obliterating toothbrush is unnecessary, and whiteners in toothpaste will never match the power or effectiveness of bleach. Dentists across the board recommend investing in a simple, modern electric toothbrush, as they are effective at replicating professional cleaning.

Forgo hard-selling dentists

Dentist selection is just as important as good oral health habits. Unfortunately, there are many dentists out there who will try to sell a patient on every cosmetic procedure under the sun. As a general rule, the best dentists only recommend procedures necessary to solve problems. And if a dentist does recommend a more expensive procedure, such as a deep cleaning as opposed to a standard cleaning, he or she should produce an x-ray or other evidence that this is necessary.

These are just some things the average person should be in mind when considering daily dental duties. Most importantly, many a dentist recommends spending a total of 10 minutes each and every day on brushing and flossing. This is something many can aspire to, since the average person spends merely 2-3 minutes each day on these duties, according to Reader´s Digest.

Leslie Owens is a professional blogger that shares information on the latest technology in oral care. She writes for Embassy Dental, a top dental practice in the Nashville TN area.