Psychology of looking and feeling good

If a woman doesn’t like herself because of some imagined flaw, plastic surgery is not going to make her happy. Perhaps there is a missing psychological piece? A good plastic surgeon will investigate the reasons why a person wants a procedure. In the case of some operations, like breast augmentation, physicians look for certain factors before deciding if a patient needs surgery. For example, for breast reduction, doctors want to know if the patient has back and shoulder pain that can be alleviated by surgery.

A person, whether male or female, needs to know that plastic surgeons cannot create perfection if the basic elements are not already there. Working with skin is not the same as sculpting with clay. In this case, the person needs to know that plastic surgery can make some improvements but it is not a magic trick that will turn him into George Clooney or create another Elizabeth Hurley.

When we talk about aging, how come the topic of plastic surgery comes up? As a society, how come we can’t be happy with what Mother Nature gave us? Think about the ads on television. If you listen closely, you will see there is no need to hurt, you should not smell ever, there’s a pill for everything and anything, and human beings are not permitted to be human. Then look at all the ads for anti-aging creams, cosmetics, hair dyes. Truly, we are not individuals anymore.

dent2Everyone is supposed to have minty breath, can never sweat, have perfectly made up faces, highlighted hair that is grey-free, plump lips, wrinkle-free complexions, and, God forbid four hour erections. What is so wrong about getting older naturally? Mother Nature surely had this figured out in her Master Plan. Who are we to mess it all up?

Maybe the best option is to look at ways to age gracefully. And what the heck does that mean? Picture a fine wine that becomes more valuable as it ages. Look back into history when the elders in a tribe were looked to for their wisdom. In years gone past, older people were valued because of their experience and knowledge.

Wrinkled smiles and crinkly eyes were once equated with trust and wisdom however these days these are seen as negative signs of ageing. Many treatments over the years have been thrust upon us to try and keep ourselves looking younger and younger and some people even resort to going under the plastic surgeons knife in the quest for eternal youth

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