What Are the Reasons of Constipation after Surgery

surgery-2Most surgeries, although intended towards the cure of your illness or condition, can result in various side effects. Surgeries can be painful and due to the heavy dose of medicines to keep you sedated during the surgical procedure, one can experience several post surgical ailments and can complicate the recovery of the patient. One must take acute care of the patient before and after the surgery to help the patient recover from the ailment and the effects of the operation. One of the most common forms of post-surgical complications is constipation. While it sounds harmless to most and is a problem that is solved through the use of laxatives by many, constipation can be dangerous in several situations and can prove to be life-threatening. Given below are the most common causes of constipation after surgery.

  1. Pain Relief Medicines and Sedatives

As surgical procedures are often painful, most patients are administered heavy dosage of pain medication and sedatives. The pain medications like anesthesia have been commonly attributed with constipation. Medications like opioids affect the peristalsis in the gastrointestinal tract and will slow down the movement of food residue in the bowel. Such medications are administered to prevent defecation by the patient during the surgery.

  1. Lack of Nutrition

As most surgical procedures might involve the patient to stay hungry before and post surgery, the bowel movement gets affected, resulting in constipation. The post-surgical diet sadly, is not very appetizing and thus bowel movement becomes sluggish. Less food intake and poor appetite due to the effects of the surgery is common among patients and can result in constipation.

  1. Limited Movement

People involved in surgery are often restricted to their beds and hospital rooms. In case of severe and grave diseases, the patients are confined to their beds and the lack of mobility can cause an improper bowel movement. Most experts know about the direct relation between activity and metabolism. If the person is confined to a bed and has restricted movement, the body metabolism drops down and constipation is likely to occur.

Cosmetic SurgeryHow to Prevent Constipation Post-Surgery

  • Increasing the activity as soon as possible after the surgery is one of the recommended remedies to counter constipation. The more active the body is the more regulated the body metabolism will be.
  • If you have been prescribed the use of any narcotic or pain reducing medication, try to limit its use as much as possible to maintain your bowel activity. As mentioned above, painkillers and sedatives can slow down the bowel movement and cause constipation.
  • Regular and proper intake of dietary fiber is a must to maintain a healthy digestive system and bowel. Fibrous foods like cereals, whole-grains, and vegetables like lettuce and celery are considered to be highly potent at regulating the bowel movement.
  • Maintaining proper dietary habits are essential to prevent the risk of constipation after surgery. Eat regular but small meals throughout the day with a mix of different food groups can help the stomach and intestines to function properly. Large meals at longer intervals can cause acidity and result in constipation.
  • The use of various laxatives and stool softeners can also be beneficial but one must consult the physician before the administration of any medicine. If the patient is experiencing the problems with his bowel movement, an enema can be used for the treatment and clearing of any stool blockage.

Constipation to most be a harmless ailment that can be cured with following the above causes and preventive measures. Nevertheless proper post-surgery care should be given to a patient and constipation should not be taken lightly. For more information on post-surgery care, and to avail the online CNA study guide please visit Findcnaclasses.com. In case of severe complications due to constipation please refer the matter to the doctor or physician immediately.

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