dental9Many people who are unfamiliar with cosmetic surgery procedures hear the term rhinoplasty and are uncertain as to what exactly this may be. Some even have the misconception that Rhinoplasty may possibly be something involving the use of some part of a rhino, although this is a comical misconception it is still a misconception none the less. Rhinoplasty is simply a cosmetic surgical procedure to either improve the aesthetic or functioning use of the nose.

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Many would say that the idea of rhinoplasty or nose jobs was something that was developed in the 20th century when people began to feel the pressure of looking their best and making themselves as attractive as possible, even if it meant surgery. However, the truth of the matter is that rhinoplasty was a technique developed in circa 500 B.C. by Sushruta, an important Ayurvedic physician in ancient India, as a result he is often regarded as the “father of plastic surgery.” Sushruta was inspired to develop this technique as a result of the harsh laws of society at the time, many people who were found guilty of various crimes had their noses amputated as punishment for their crimes. Shushruta developed this technique in order to reconstruct the noses of those unfortunate to be found guilty of crimes that required this type of punishment.

Different techniques that surgeons use

cosmetic (2)One of the techniques developed by Sushruta of forehead flap rhinoplasty is still practiced almost unchanged to this day. The amazing thing is that this knowledge of plastic surgery was practiced in India up until the late 18th century, a fact that was recognized in publications such as the October 1794 Gentleman’s Magazine. A fact that boggles the mind when you consider that the art of cosmetic surgical procedures is something that was not a widely recognized area of medicine until the 20th century.

There are two types of rhinoplasty surgical procedures; open and closed. Although rhinoplasty is for the aesthetic benefit of reshaping and molding the nose to the desired appearance of the patient, this procedure has also become a widely accepted method of correcting nasal problems such as snoring, breathing problems, sinus issues and issues with deviated septum. Many nasal specialist recommend rhinoplasty procedures to correct these types of problems as opposed to the use of medications.

One of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures

Many people choose the option of rhinoplasty to solve their nasal problems because it is a lasting solution. Although various medications can and do help with nasal problems the problem is that the problem is solved as long as the medication is continued, if the medication is stopped then the problem returns. Choosing to solve the problem through a rhinoplasty procedure solves the problem permanently because the issue causing the problem is corrected. Thanks to this correction the use of medication is no longer necessary to contain the problem.

In the past many people felt that having any type of rhinoplasty or cosmetic surgery procedure done was nothing more than vanity, but these procedures yield so many more benefits than vanity.

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