Six Month Smiles


In this day and age people expect a quick and efficient service – whether it be queuing in a shop, ordering an item or having dental treatment.

Well, speed is certainly king when it comes to the Six Month Smiles treatment, which has been hailed as a significant advance in the world of orthodontics.

It can be used as a solution for overlapping teeth, spacing, overcrowding and other dental problems the patient may seek to fix.

After finding success in America, it is now being developed in the UK. So why not find out more?

The Six Month Smiles Treatment

The Six Month Smiles Treatment seeks to do what is says on the tin. In other words, provide the patient with straightened teeth with an average treatment time of six months. Patients who use it are able to access a fast service which should cut down on the time spent wearing braces.

So what’s the secret? Well, dentists or orthodontists who use this new treatment have special wires which are believed to speed up the process of teeth straightening.

The treatment focuses on adjusting the teeth that are showing when you smile, using unique nickel titanium wires to realise this.

What are the benefits?

smile-1Time is the key here, with treatment time reduced by up to 75 per cent.

The treatment seeks to provide a fast solution for patients, which could be a particularly advantage for someone looking to straighten their teeth in time for a wedding. It might also appeal to adults wanting a quick fix solution rather than undergoing treatment that might last years.

The Six Month Smiles Treatment is cheaper than Invisalign, the clear aligner method, and also promises to be discreet by using small and tooth-coloured wires.

The results can improve the patients’ confidence and boost oral health too.

Are there any downsides?

As with any cosmetic dental treatment there’s the chance there may be some slight discomfort at first, including a possible minor effect on speech. However, the teething problems are likely to disappear after a period of time getting used to the braces.

smile-4How much does it cost?

Pricing will depend on the dental surgery you visit but is likely to cost a similar amount to traditional braces. Dentists are normally able to offer payment plans to suit the individual’s budget.

What next?

There are a range of options for getting teeth straightened, with the Six Month Smiles Treatment offering a number of advantages over its alternatives. The best thing to do would be to speak with your local dentist or orthodontist for advice before deciding what to do next.

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